Uncomfortable in Islam, the great cleric of Al Azhar decided to convert to Christianity

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After years of being a scholar and professor at Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, Dr Mustafa finally decided to apostatize or convert to Christianity. In fact, now he has changed his name to Mark Gabriel. So, what is the trigger?

It is known, even though religion is included in the private sphere (private), but not a few parties who often talk about it. Moreover, it relates to a certain figure who has a big contribution to a field.

One of the phenomena that caught the public’s attention the most was the conversion of a cleric to Christianity. This is because these figures are often characterized as religious leaders or people who understand theology according to their beliefs. So, when deciding to move, people would ask questions.

That incident happened to Mark Gabriel. He actually grew up in a friendly Muslim environment which always gave him peace and tranquility. However, after finding many bitter events, he finally decided to become a Christian in 1994.

According to his story, quoted from Suara, Monday, October 4, 2021, his belief in Islam began to fade after he visited several countries in the Middle East region.

On that occasion, he realized, some Islamic leaders actually teach violence and reject peace. In fact, he said, the teachings also had an impact on their followers or those under them. As a result, violence becomes daily food.

Return to Al Azhar to ask for information

After the incident, Mark returned to Al Azhar and the university wanted to hear his misunderstanding about Islam.

However, in the end Mark was expelled from the university and arrested and left to starve for three days. After receiving that treatment, he was released without any trial.

This finally made Mark lose faith even more because he did not find the peace of Islam and decided to apostatize.

It is known that it was not only Dr Mustafa who decided to change his faith, previously there were also three great scholars who did the same thing. The cleric is Imad Uddin Lahiz, the most famous Muslim leader born in India who became interested in converting after a major debate arose in the city of Agra in 1854.

Then, there is Khalif Majid Hassan, a former official of the Islamic Union in England in 1974. He reads the Koran and Islamic books. His confidence diminishes when he compares the contents of the book which are not entirely the same as that taught by the Prophet.

Lastly, Hajji Husman Mohamed chose to leave his faith as a Muslim in 2003, because he had a bad environment in Ethiopia since childhood.

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