Upset to see the child checking in at the hotel with another man, the father immediately grabbed it. .

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Which father’s heart is not broken when he finds out that his daughter has fallen into promiscuity?

Since childhood, he was educated with moral and religious norms, his daughter even betrayed him when he was a teenager.

This feeling is experienced by men in Sako Baru Village, Sako District, Palembang City, South Sumatra.

When he hoped that his 15-year-old daughter would become a useful human being, her daughter instead checked in to a hotel with her lover.

His daughter, who is in love with IS, is in love without marriage.

Not accepting the disgrace that stained his face, the man reported it to the police.

The incident occurred on August 5, 2021, at around 19:00 WIB.

The father of the victim HW, who did not accept that the case happened to his son, reported IS to the Palembang Polrestabes SPKT.

HW explained that the violent action experienced by his son occurred, starting with his son and his two friends being reported at BKB (Fort Kuto Besak), to have a chat and after that the reported male friend asked them to book a room at the TKP.

Then they went to the hotel, then the reported friend and his partner entered the room he had ordered.

Seeing his friend ordering and entering the hotel room, the reported invited and offered Mawar to open the room.

If he wanted, the reported reasoned that his friend would take money to pay for the hotel room, the victim at that time complied with the reported wish.

Then after the victim had waited a long time, at that time the reported asked the victim to enter the room.

Once in the room, the reported asked the victim to chat first.

Suddenly the reported immediately grabbed the victim’s hand and laid him down on the bed, suddenly the victim was shocked and asked.

Seeing the frightened victim, the reported person promised to be responsible if something happened to the victim.

“He threatened my son if he didn’t comply with the reported wishes, my child would be left at the hotel,” said HW.

The victim who was persuaded finally complied with the complainant’s wishes and was invited to have sex with husband and wife once.

“I don’t accept it, sir, my child has been tainted by the reported party, therefore I report it and hope that the perpetrator can be caught,” he said.

The Head of Criminal Investigation at the Palembang Police, Kompol Tri Wahyudi, said that he had monitored the reports of the victim’s parents.

We have received the report and will be followed up by the PPA Unit (protection of women and children) Polrestabes, Palembang,” said Kompol Tri, Tuesday.


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