Very Dangerous Filling Gasoline When The Car Engine Is On, Here’s The Reason | 1NEWS

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Gas stations always ask vehicle owners to turn off their vehicles, including cars, when filling gasoline.

Dream – One of the rules at gas stations is to require the driver to turn off the engine while refueling. This rule must be obeyed and there is a reason.

Quoted from Auto2000, Sunday, October 3, 2021, at gas stations there are many potential accidents and fires that can occur. For example, from a running engine. The potential for fire is very large if filling fuel with the vehicle’s engine is still on.

The engine that is running is complete, the elements form a fire or a fire triangle. This fire triangle is fuel vapor when charging, oxygen, and a fire source. In this condition, the source of fire is engine heat, imperfect electricity, spark plugs, and others from engine work. This applies to all cars, both gasoline and diesel.

You can turn off the engine. The most practical way is to press the engine start/stop button—if you have one in the car. Then, you can refuel.

After you finish filling up with gas, make sure the gas cap is back in place. Then, restart the engine.

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The unfortunate story of a car borrower forced to drain the fuel tank because it was filled incorrectly

Dream – Those of you who borrow or drive your own car should ensure the type of fuel purchased when filling the tank at the gas station. Do not let the type of fuel purchased is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s provisions, or different from what the owner is used to.

Error filling fuel, especially gasoline into diesel, can be fatal for the vehicle. Gasoline car engines filled with diesel can stutter in the middle of the road. Vice versa. This is due to the difference in the flash point of the two types of fuel. That will make the spark plug unable to burn completely.

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Worst of all, the car engine can die and cannot be started again.

So, what to do when one fills the gas? The owner of the car or the driver must drain the contents of the tank until there is nothing left, as the owner of this car did.

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Immediately Drain the Tank on the Spot

Quoted from the Instagram account @andreli48, Monday 9 August 2021, a video shows a car driver forced to drain the contents of the fuel tank at the gas station. This was done because of the wrong type of fuel.

It is known, the car he was driving was a gasoline fuel type but the one that was filled was diesel. By asking the officers and several passersby for help, the car driver was forced to drain the fuel tank.

“Incorrect fuel content incidents often occur. Pertalite should be filled with diesel or vice versa. Has anyone here experienced this?” wrote @andreli48.

The car driver immediately drained the fuel tank because of the wrong contents.© Instagram account @andreli48

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Ever Happened

There were netizens who shared their experiences of filling up petrol at the gas station incorrectly. As a result, he had to drain all the contents of the gas tank.

“I’ve been. Fill R15 V2 using Pertamina Dex. The guard didn’t tell me that it was solar. Finally drained, take off the tank!” write @aaroup_.

” Ever been. Auto drain at the TKP,” wrote @christ_tepe in Javanese.

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The Machine Can Run but…

There is also a story that never filled gasoline. He said the vehicle can still be run.

However, the path is staggering.

“I used to take a (Mitsubishi) horse with diesel to fill it with petrol. Go, go, go. But njot-njotan,” wrote @mochizoutb.

The person concerned was forced to drain all the contents of the gas tank. “Finally drained, where is the full content again,” he wrote.

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How can it be wrong?

This incident shocked netizens. They are curious as to why they can fill in the wrong fuel.

“The question is, how can it be wrong?” wrote @diajenk_ayu48.

“Shouldn’t the gas station officer ask first to make sure the car uses diesel or premium?” wrote @costajonda.

“ Definitely a loan car. If it’s a private vehicle, surely you already know,” wrote @lasmancf.

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