Viral Satpol PP Holds Women’s Sensitive Section in Public During Examination of ASN Candidates

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The viral part of a woman is being held by a member of the Satpol PP. The woman is known to be a candidate for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

This incident occurred in the city of Depok. During the examination of ASN candidates, the PP Satpol checks to the sensitive part.

Now, the incident has gone viral on social media. Where, members of the Depok City Satpol PP examined candidates for State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who wanted to take part in the basic selection. The video went viral because members of the Satpol PP checked by touching the sensitive parts of the participants.

The video was uploaded by InfoDepok’s Instagram account and has been watched more than hundreds of thousands of times. The video shows two Sapol PP members checking each participant who wants to take the test.

One by one check with metal detector and one with search manual.

Satpol PP officers checked by touching a number of sensitive parts of each female candidate. One by one checked before entering the selection location.

“Members of the Depok City Satpol PP check the candidates for the State Civil Apparatus who will take part in the basic selection competition,” Atin wrote, Sunday.


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