Watch out! Frequently Using a Laptop While Laying On Your Thigh Can Damage Your Skin – Latest Celebrity News

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Bahaya Sering Memangku Laptop

1NEWS – Maybe you are one of those people who like to use a laptop by placing it on your lap. Especially when wearing it while charging. If so, you should immediately stop the habit.

Why is that? The reason is, the habit of using a laptop while holding it on the thigh will make the risk of skin and blood vessel problems. Or in the medical world, the condition is called Erythema ab igne. The impact will appear red spots on the skin.

Skin Damage Due to Laying Laptop

Launch page clickdoctorIn fact, skin damage that can occur due to holding a laptop for too long is not a new disease. In the past, the cause of this damaged skin often occurred in those who worked close to fire and were often exposed to heat. Now, cases of Erythema ab igne are more common in the use of laptops on the lap, heating devices, and even sauna belts which are often used to get rid of belly fat.

Erythema ab igne is a red patch in the form of a net and also blackening of the skin on an area of ​​the body. This condition is caused by chronic and repeated exposure to infrared radiation. This condition causes burns to the uppermost skin area as well as the superficial vascular network.

At first, the skin disorder will look red with itching and burning. The longer the exposure and the more repeated exposure to heat, the skin abnormality will develop into a bluish, purple or brownish mesh in the form of a mesh.

To prevent the harmful effects of lap laptop, you should avoid excessive and frequent exposure to heat on the skin. If your job requires you to be in a heat source for long periods of time, give it a break every few minutes. Also wear personal protective equipment that can minimize the effects of heat on the skin.

In terms of laptops, you should not use the laptop often while placing it on your lap. It is more advisable to use this electronic object on the table. If you are working while in bed, use a special tool that can be placed on the lap. This is to prevent direct exposure to heat from the laptop to the skin.

In less severe cases, the skin condition can return to normal when heat exposure is stopped. However, in disorders that are severe enough to require the help of drugs to improve the appearance of the skin.

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