5 Ways to Wash Powder Sponge So It Doesn’t Become a Nest of Germs. If you leave it alone, it will make acne

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One tool makeup The most commonly used are powder sponges and beauty blender. Because they are used so often, these two objects are rarely washed. In fact, using tools makeup Dirty dirt can cause acne and other skin problems. Therefore, it is important to keep the tools clean make-up, especially powder sponge and beauty blender.

The price of the powder sponge and beauty blender maybe not much, however, if you throw it away when it’s dirty, of course it’s a shame. Instead of throwing it away immediately when it’s dirty, we can clean powder sponges and the like on a regular basis. You can wash sponges and tools makeup others at least once a week if used frequently. There are 5 ways to wash sponges and beauty blender the one that can SoHip follow the following.

1. Soaking the powder sponge in warm water can remove the dirt in it. Leave it for a few hours, yes!

Clean dirt with warm water | Credit: Pexels

How to clean a powder sponge with hot water is to soak it for a few hours. Letting the sponge soak for a few hours is meant to separate all the dirt in the sponge. You can also combine this method by using a bar of soap.

The trick, soak the sponge makeup into a bowl of warm water, then drip the cleaning soap. After a few hours, rub the sponge with a bar of soap and then rinse under running water. Make sure that there is no residual foam in the sponge, then hang it in the sun to dry.

2. The next easy way for you to apply is to use liquid soap. You are free to choose the type of soap to use

Use liquid soap | Credit: jackmac34 via Pixabay

How to clean tools makeup Another is to use liquid soap. You are free to choose the soap to use, but many choose baby soap so that the formula is softer.

How to wash sponge and beauty blender with this liquid soap first wet the sponge with water. Then pour enough liquid soap and clean the remaining dirt by squeezing the sponge several times. After that, rinse with running water. Repeat this step several times until the sponge is clean and the rinse water is no longer cloudy. If so, dry with a clean towel and hang in the sun until completely dry.

3. You can use olive oil and dish soap too

Use olive oil | Credit: Pxfuel

One way to clean a powder sponge to avoid bacteria is by using olive oil. Olive oil is known to be a quick and easy alternative to cosmetic cleansers.

The trick, you just mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of dish soap into a container, then apply a sponge makeup into it while massaged until clean. After that, rinse and dry the sponge make-up-your. How to clean beauty blender with sunlight or dish soap, it aims as a powerful antibacterial to remove oil.

4. Use bar soap to clean the sponge and beauty blender it’s also easy to do

Use bar soap | Credit: Piqsels

In addition to liquid soap, bar soap can also be used to clean your powder sponge. First of all, this method is done by wetting a sponge and a bar of soap. Then, rub the sponge on the soap that has been moistened while massaging it so that it remains makeup go out. After cleaning from dirt, rinse thoroughly and then dry.

5. Using microwave To clean the sponge, it turns out you can, it’s not complicated!

Use the microwave | Credit: Chris Kelly via Flickr

It’s not an exaggeration, this method is widely known to be able to kill bacteria in sponges makeup. Hot temperature of microwave known to be able to kill bacteria attached to it. To do this, you need to fill a cup with a mixture of soap and water, then heat it in microwave for 60 seconds. Don’t forget to make sure the cup you are going to use is safe to put in microwave. Once removed, clean your sponge with plain soap and water by gently massaging until the remaining dirt comes out.

6. Methods’double cleansing‘ can not only be applied to the face, this method can also be used to clean sponges makeupyour

Use the double cleansing method | Credit: Piqsels

Like facial skin, sponges and beauty blender can also use method double cleansing to clean it. Method double cleansing this is a two-step cleaning, using oil-based soap the first time, then water-based soap a second time.

For tools makeup, you can first soak the sponge in the cleaning liquid, then rub it with a bar of soap. Then, rinse with clean water and then dry. How to dry a powder sponge is to dry it in direct sunlight.

Apparently, there are many ways to clean powder sponges so they don’t become a nest of bacteria, right? SoHip? Starting from the easy way, to the unique way, we can all do it at home. So, there’s no reason not to wash sponges and tools anymore makeup other, right?

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