50 Love Calls in English to Make It More Harmonious

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call love in english

Hey remember, did Parents Have a favorite nickname for your partner at home? Apparently, all couples have a special greeting for their partner that only the two of them know. In fact, there are many nicknames in English adopted by young couples in Indonesia.

It is undeniable, affectionate calls in fact also affect how strong the foundation of the marriage that has been established. Even so, not a few couples who actually feel uncomfortable with sweet calls and choose to call by normal names.

Call of love as a sign of a harmonious marriage

Suzanne Degges-White, a professor of counseling and higher education at Northern Illinois University, says that using affectionate nicknames is a sign that a marriage is working harmoniously.

That is, we know our partner very well through affectionate calls made. In fact, affectionate calls are able to interpret what the partner means without having to say a word.

A 1993 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships showed a correlation between affectionate mentions and relationship satisfaction.

Not a few couples involved in this study also used the name of a pet as an expression of affection for their partner. However, over time this name changed especially after the couple returned from their honeymoon trip.

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Calls of love can make the relationship between husband and wife more intimate

call love in english

In fact, there are many variations of pet names that are eventually adopted as affectionate nicknames in various countries around the world.

For example, the UK tends to use the names of animals or food for affection. Meanwhile, French people often call their partner “Mon Petit Chou” which means my little cabbage.

There is also “Dropje,” which means candy as a popular nickname in the Netherlands. There are also Thai people who like to call loved ones “Chang Noi,” or little elephant.

To Be More Harmonious with Your Partner, Choose These 50 Love Calls For Him!

In addition, Italians love to call their idols “Orsacchiotto,” which means little bear or don’t be surprised if one day you hear Poles call their spouses “myszka” or little mouse.

“The use of pet names for our loved ones shows that most humans feel the need to express their affection in words, even when body language, loving glances or hugs would express the same,” said Katja Wilde, Head Didactic in Babbel.

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Dear call reference in English that you can imitate

call love in english

Well, is Parents anyone is at a loss for affection calls for a partner? Here is a collection of names that can be an option!

  1. Babe(s): Calling affection in English is commonly used, Parents must have heard it a lot in foreign themed romantic songs
  2. Baby: A more intimate call, usually used when someone is in a room alone and their partner is far away
  3. Honey/hun: Very often used in relationships, usually will come out when you want something from your partner (Admit, Parents definitely do it often!)
  4. Sweetheart/sweetie: A very sweet and very wise affectionate call. A call that will make your partner feel very loved
  5. Angel: The most sincere love call from the heart
  6. Princess/Prince: A nickname inspired by fairy tale films, for example Cinderella
  7. love: A mainstay call for couples who love each other
  8. Dear: Calls that are also classified as intimate, but beware of being confused because this is often expressed in correspondence greetings
  9. My Lover: Parents definitely understand that this call will often be said after sexual intercourse
  10. Baby Faces: Suitable for your partner who has a baby face, to make him always blush
  11. Beautiful: A love call to a wife that can make her blush because she is praised for being beautiful

Love call reference in English that you can imitate in your partner

  1. Boo-Boo: Special affection calls for couples who you think are adorable.
  2. Bright Eyes : It means eyes that glow when they gaze with love.
  3. Buttercups: Love call for wife
  4. Cookies: For the one you love more than cookies
  5. Cuddle Bunny: The one who gave this call must love to be hugged
  6. Cupcakes: The name of the cake can also be used as a nickname dear
  7. Cutie Pie : For him who is cute like a pie
  8. Darling : Calling affection in English is commonly used.
  9. My Dear: means my dear, my beloved.
  10. Dearest: A call to the person you love the most
  11. Gorgeous: Meaning “Charming”, this affectionate call can be used by a husband to refer to his wife or vice versa.

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To Be More Harmonious with Your Partner, Choose These 50 Love Calls For Him!

  1. Handsome: Call of love as well as praise for a handsome husband
  2. Honey Bee : A love call for a sweet couple like honey
  3. Honey Bunny: A love call for a sweet and “hugable” husband or wife.
  4. hubby: Love call for husband
  5. Hot Shots: It means “champion”, can be a call for a husband who is dashing, mighty, and always protects his wife
  6. Lover Boy: This call is specifically for husbands who act like popcorn girlfriends
  7. Light of My Life: “The light of my life”, surely there is no sweeter and more romantic call than this one right?
  8. Muffins: If your partner’s attitude is always sweet like a muffin, you can give him this affectionate call.
  9. Stud Muffins: Similar to the Muffin call above, but this one was popularized by American comedian Lily Tomlin
  10. My King: For the king in your heart, beloved husband
  11. Mister Man: This is a call to a beloved husband, who will make him feel like a great head of the household.
  12. Captains: You can also pin this call to your husband, such as the captain who commands the household ark.
  13. My Queen: For the empress in the husband’s heart, this call is suitable for the wife
  14. Pretty Lady: Call for a beautiful and elegant wife
  15. My Precious : Beloved, what is most precious is the meaning of this call
  16. Peanuts: Perfect for calling your beloved husband who is ‘savory’ like peanuts!
  17. Prince Charming: For a husband who is handsome like a prince from a fairy tale
  18. Pooh Bears: Borrowing the name of the sun bear cartoon character Winnie the Pooh, this affectionate nickname is suitable for husbands.

To Be More Harmonious with Your Partner, Choose These 50 Love Calls For Him!

  1. Pumpkins: Love call for wife
  2. Sugars: In Indonesian, it can be interpreted as a love call for a sweet wife
  3. Sunshine : For a partner who always makes your day bright
  4. Sweetie Pie: Sweet call for couples
  5. Teddy Bear: Couples love to cuddle like teddy bears? this call suits him
  6. Tigers: Especially for couples who are fierce in bed like tigers
  7. Tootsie: Unique and funny call for your partner
  8. Twinkle Toes: Does your partner have long fingers? this affectionate call suits him.
  9. Wifey: Sweet call for beloved wife
  10. Snowflakes: A call for a beautiful couple like snowflakes in winter


Well, how about Parents? Are there any affectionate calls in your favorite English?

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