7 Portraits of Yuni Shara & Gigi’s Meeting, Hugs to Caress Pregnant Belly | 1NEWS

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Dreams – Some time ago the meeting between Raffi Ahmad’s wife, Nagita Slavina or often called Gigi and Yuni Shara, had become a public conversation. It is common knowledge that before marrying Gigi, Raffi Ahmad had a relationship with Yuni Shara.

Gigi and Yuni Shara’s meeting at the launch of Ashanty’s beauty products also featured a very adorable portrait. Where they hugged each other until Yuni Shara seemed to be gently stroking Gigi’s belly, which was carrying their second child with Raffi Ahmad.

For those of you who are curious about the portrait of the meeting between Nagita Slavina and Yuni Shara, this is as summarized by Dream via Kapanlagi.com.

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