8 Portraits of Isyana Sarasvati’s Transformation from Childhood to Present

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isyana sarasvati transformasi transformation

The figure of this talented singer has indeed been stealing attention since he was a child. However, Isyana Sarasvati’s transformation into the versatile musician she is today requires a long process. Starting from his debut with the song Keep Being You in 2014 until the release of the song Il Sogno very different, lhis songs are always perched at the top of the music charts in Indonesia.

Famous beautiful and talented in music, like what Isyana’s figure? Check out the portrait of Isyana Sarasvati’s transformation below.

Isyana Sarasvati’s Transformation Portrait

1. Childhood Abroad

Born in Bandung on May 2, 1993, not long after, Isyana had to follow her parents who moved to Belgium to continue her studies. He spent his childhood there for four years. Then back again to Bandung in 2000.

2. Genius in the Music World

isyana sarasvati transformasi transformation

Since childhood, Isyana has been known to be talented in the world of music. Her mother, Luana Marpanda, started introducing Isyana to music when she was 4 years old. As a result, there are many musical instruments that Isyana has mastered, ranging from piano, flute, violin, saxophone, and electone.

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3. Isyana Sarasvati’s Transformation During School

isyana sarasvati transformasi transformation

In addition to his musical talent, Isyana also has the ability leadership qualified. He even served as OSIS Chair while attending Junior and Senior High School Taruna Bakti Bandung. Isyana has also been a participant in 1st International Convention for Youth Leaders which took place in Singapore in 2006.

4. Enter the Music Department

isyana sarasvati transformasi transformation

Isyana received a Music Performance scholarship at Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts when she was 16 years old. After studying in Singapore, Isyana continued her music education at The Royal College of Music, London, England. Isyana also graduated with honors cum laude or the best graduates.

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5. Opera Singer

isyana sarasvati transformasi transformation

Apart from her debut song with a pop nuance, Isyana is actually an opera singer with a very melodious voice. She started performing as an opera singer in 2011 when she played Nanneta in the NAFA Opera Scene Commedia Lirica. Most of his performances as an opera singer took place while he was still living in Singapore.

His ability to become an opera singer has only been discovered by fans in Indonesia thanks to Isyana’s viral video featuring Two Mozart Opera Arias which is widely spread on YouTube.

6. Talented Actress

Success and Talent, 8 Transformations of Isyana Sarasvati from Childhood to Now

Unexpectedly, in addition to music, Isyana Sarasvati also has talent acting promising. This is evidenced by his eye-catching appearance in Ernest Prakasa’s feature film, Milly & Mamet. Isyana plays Rika, James’ (Yoshi Sudarso) secretary. His role is really natural and funny.

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7. Isyana Sarasvati’s Musical Transformation


Isyana Sarasvati is one of the Indonesian musicians who has the most surprising musical transformation. However, he managed to get a positive response from his fans.

Isyana fans have remained loyal to listen to her songs since they were still pop easy listening until now, it looks even more stunning with its album Lexicon which was released in 2019. An album with opera nuances that is very entertaining and unique.

8. Engagement and Marriage News

Rayhan Maditra Indrayanto

Apart from his transformation in music, this singer is also full of surprises. Since the beginning of her career, not many know that Isyana actually already has a lover.

Suddenly, his engagement with Rayhan Maditra Indrayanto at the end of 2019 surprised most fans. He then officially married in February 2020.

Now, Parents, that is Isyana Sarasvati’s transformation in music. Besides being talented, this Sundanese-blooded woman is also a very talented person humble and funny. He doesn’t hesitate to act silly even when he’s on stage.

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