ASTAG!!! Too excited, this pair of lovers have sex until the car overturns…

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Lovers became a prisoner of the police after an accident when make love until the car overturned.

The Sun reported on Friday (9/25/2021), the accident was experienced by a supermarket employee named Brad Sadler.

The 18-year-old man was busy dating his girlfriend in the car, after they had dinner at McDonald’s.

Brad reveals that they finally decided to make love in the car, but the accident started there.

As they were about to move to the back cabin, Brad’s girlfriend accidentally pulled the handbrake. He didn’t realize it.

“We were going to do it but the car was making all sorts of groans,” Brad told The Sun.

The Toyota Yaris they were riding then walked slowly as the couple made love.

Brad said his car went up a cliff and ended up flipping over, spilling all over the place.

“I was trying to get it out of my mind until my date screamed, ‘The car’s moving!’

The Sun reports that the pair were trapped in the car for about 15 minutes before being rescued by passersby.

Brad and his girlfriend are finally helped by two passersby. He then handed the keys to the two men and opened the trunk door.

The man from Matlock, Derbyshire, then quickly got dressed and called the police.

Police giggled as they arrived at the scene in the Derbyshire Dales. The officer said that the incident was very funny and they had never seen it before.

Brad, who tested negative for drinks and drugs, said:

“That was the last time I did something like that in a car,” said Brad. Police also said he tested negative for drugs.


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