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beritabali/ist/Bali Receives Best Micro PPKM Award.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster received the best Micro Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for Provinces and Regencies/Cities in Indonesia from the TNI Headquarters.
The award for regional leaders who are considered to have an effective strategy and role in the management of COVID-19 control was handed over directly by the TNI Commander Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahyanto at Base Ops I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airfield on Monday (4/10).

Governor Koster on the occasion expressed his gratitude for the attention given by the TNI Commander and his ranks to the pandemic conditions in the province of Bali.

“Maybe 7 times (TNI Commander, ed) has been to Bali regarding the handling of this pandemic. This is a form of the Commander’s concern and concern for the pandemic that has hit Bali for a year and a half,” said the Governor.

The man from Sembiran, Buleleng Regency also said that the presence of the TNI Commander, the National Police Chief and the central ranks not only provided motivation for handling perpetrators in the area but also accompanied an extraordinary form of service, even to the village level.

“We are also given the convenience of coordinating with the ranks in the regions, the military commanders and the ranks below them, including with the regents and mayors throughout Bali,” said the chairman of the Bali PDI-P DPD.

The governor emphasized that one of the most important roles of the synergy with the TNI/Polri is the implementation of testing, tracing and tracking as well as support for a centralized isolation program which has recently become a joint concern in the midst of a surge in cases due to new variants.

“If only the Commander-in-Chief, the Regional Military Commander and other staff did not support our handling, I don’t think it would be possible to decline so quickly. The spike in cases that has occurred since July 2021 could decline rapidly, continuing to slope in the past 2 weeks, already (daily positive cases, ed) are already below 2 digits, “said the former member of the Indonesian House of Representatives.

“We are working hard to maintain this and likewise the ranks of the Commander-in-Chief greatly facilitate this handling. With joint collaboration and support from all components of the Balinese community, the handling of COVID-19 in the province of Bali is really easy for us to manage so that your hopes can be realized, as well as the special hope of the president for the rise of Bali,” added Governor Koster.

This hard effort was also explained by the ITB Bandung graduate as a crucial step in reopening international flights and in line with efforts to revive tourism after the pandemic.

According to him, there are several important events to be held in Bali, there is a badminton world championship by PBSI, there is also the Indonesian Youth Championship U-20 which will be attended by European giant teams, an international DPR leadership meeting until the G20 meeting next year.

“Hopefully Mr. Panglima doesn’t get tired of paying attention to Bali because it is energy for all of us in Bali,” concluded Governor Koster.

On the same occasion, the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto expressed his appreciation to the Governor of Bali and his ranks for the handling efforts carried out so far related to controlling the pandemic.

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