Belva Devara’s future wife, Sabrina Anggraini, complete package: Beautiful and smart

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Get acquainted with the future wife of Belva Devara, come on! Sabrina Anggraini’s figure is not only beautiful, but also intelligent and accomplished. You could say, a complete package as a potential life partner.

Belva felt as the luckiest man in the world because Sabrina Anggraini accepted his proposal. Both studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In that place, the CEO of Ruang Guru who is also a former special staff of the President proposed to his girlfriend.

The two have recently been dating. But Belva was determined to propose to Sabrina. Intrigued by the figure of this beautiful woman?

Dive into the world of entertainment

Sabrina Anggraini started her career in the entertainment world as Miss Indonesia 2019 representing Riau. At that time she wore the Wonderful War of Air Meranti costume and won the Top 3 Best Traditional Costume title.

Having a passion for traveling, Sabrina then had the opportunity to be the host of Jejak Petualang since 2019 on a TV station. That’s why the figure looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Belva and Sabrina Anggraini. Photo: Instagram Sabrina

Young entrepreneurs

Not only active in the entertainment world, Sabrina is also a young entrepreneur. He founded Natuno in 2019. The company is engaged in product design ranging from web to mobile applications. Prior to that, he worked at Traveloka as a user interface designer and interaction designer (product/UX).

Sabrina Anggraini has a proud achievement

This computer science graduate from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) Universitas Gadjah Mada has won various awards through international competitions.

Some of the awards he has won include Winner of Best Public Safety App, AT&T Public Safety App Hackathon, Top 8 Best Innovations, and Toyota On-Ramp Challenge 2014.

Graduated with cum laude honors in 2016, Sabrina was named Outstanding Student 1 at the faculty level and Outstanding Student 2 at the university level.

Proposed moment. Photo: Instagram

Fit with Belva

Not only do they both continue their education at MIT in the United States, Belva and Sabrina have the same passion. Both have great interest in technology that can provide solutions to problems in the environment and education. Good luck until the wedding, Belva and Sabrina!.

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