Death Considered Odd, Boy’s Grave in Karangasem Dismantled – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Death Considered Odd, Boy’s Grave in Karangasem Dismantled.

Karangasem Police carried out the demolition of the tomb of the late I Kadek Sepi in Setra Linggawana Traditional Village, Kertamandala Village, Abang District, Karangasem, Tuesday, (05/10/2021).
The dismantling of the 13-year-old boy’s grave was carried out for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death, because there were reports from the family who thought there were irregularities behind the death of this friendly child.

Observations at the location, the process of dismantling the tomb has been going on since the morning at around 08.00 WITA, dozens of members of the Karangasem Police and Pecalang were seen standing guard to secure the demolition of the tomb. After the demolition was completed, the body of the boy who had just stepped on the sixth grade of elementary school was then taken to the place where an autopsy was carried out which was next to his grave.

After about two hours, Nengah Sepi’s body was then placed in a styrofoam coffin which had been prepared for cremation in Punduk Dawa, Klungkung.

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