Doctor Boyke Suggests Men Eat This, Passion in Bed…

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1NEWS – Sexologist Doctor Boyke recommends that men be more selective in choosing food when having sex in bed.

Certain foods seem to have benefits for men’s health in satisfying a partner.

In addition, the food consumed can also affect the quality of fluids.

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Doctor Boyke said, men can eat strawberries to improve fluid quality.

“Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and high antioxidants. Strawberries can produce testosterone hormone cells in men,” he said, quoted from the Malam-malam NET channel on YouTube, Tuesday (5/10/2021).

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He added, strawberries also provide properties to increase male stamina in bed.

“Strawberries have a source of male strength too,” said Doctor Boyke.

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Doctor Boyke also advised men not to eat popcorn.

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