Duel Against Indonesian National Team, Chinese Taipei Brings Half-Blood Players & High School Students | 1NEWS

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The crisis of players due to disciplinary sanctions made Chinese Taipei only bring 18 players to undergo two play-off matches in the third round of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers in Buriram, Thailand, on October 7 and 11.

Chinese Taipei had previously prepared 26 players for this match. They have held a training camp (TC) under the tutelage of Wang Jiazhong since last August 16.

However, the CTFA evicted Wang from the coach’s chair, because it was considered a cover-up for the disciplinary attitude of a number of players during their TC. The position of coach was handed over to Yeh Hsien-chung.

Meanwhile, four players have been banned from playing for the national team. You Jiahuang was sentenced to six months, as well as a fine of 10,000 yuan. Meanwhile, Chen Haowei, Bai Shaoyu, and Duan Zhu were suspended for one year and fined 30,000 yuan.

In the squad that was brought to Thailand, Chinese Taipei included Emilio Estevez Tsai, even though the mulatto player currently does not have a club. In addition to the mulatto players, they also brought high school student (SMU) Liang Meng-hsin who is considered the future player of Chinese Taipei.

Meanwhile, Wang criticized the CTFA’s decision. Wang assessed that secretary general Fang Ching-Jen had broken the harmonization within the team. According to Wang, he was in no way trying to cover up the players’ indiscipline, and had sanctioned them. According to Wang, the decision was already known to CTFA staff.

“I’ve asked the secretary general to focus on the overall situation, and not to affect the emotions of the players with issues leading up to big games. The coaching staff has punished players who violate discipline. Disciplinary behavior can be punished twice if there is other new evidence,” said Wang.

“The secretary general acted very hastily, and ignored the basic rights of players and coaches. This is very disappointing. Apart from the foreign goalkeeping coaches who are already under contract, all of the coaching staff I have brought have resigned.”

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