Egy Maulana Vikri Absent from the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers, Shin Tae-yong Needs More Lyrics of Natanael Siringoringo | 1NEWS

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Shin Tae-yong needs to look again at the player who is currently the brightest in the Malaysian competition, Natanael Siringoringo to replace Egy Maulana Vikri in the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification at the end of October 2021.

Slovak club FK Senica has officially released their player, Egy Maulana Vikri, to join the Indonesian national team against Taiwan in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification play-off.

Through the technical director of FK Senica, David Balda, Egy will immediately join the Shin Tae-yong squad on Sunday (3/10/2021).

However, Balda confirmed that Egy would only join the Indonesian national team for the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification play-off, not for the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification.

“Egy only joined for the Asian Cup play-offs,” said FK Senica technical director, David Balda, quoted from the official FK Senica Indonesia account (3/10/2021).

“Not with the U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers,” he said.

Egy Maulana is still 21 years old so he can still strengthen the Indonesian U-23 national team in the Qualifiers.

The rules state that players who can strengthen a team in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualifiers are born after January 1999.

The possibility of FK Senica not releasing Egy to the 2022 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification event is because the event is not included in the international break on the FIFA calendar.

Not only that, Egy Maulana Vikri’s energy is also needed to compete in the Slovak League and Slovak Cup.

So far, Egy Maulana Vikri has made 6 appearances at FK Senica in the 2021-2022 season, contributing 2 assists in all competitions.

As a replacement for Egy, Shin Tae-yong needs to recall another young Indonesian player who is currently the brightest in the Malaysian competition.

This is Nathanael Siringoringo.

This season, Ringo has become the most shining Indonesian player in the Malaysian competition.

He collected 4 goals and 3 assists in the league and Malaysia Cup for Kelantan FC.

The call for the Indonesian national team has not yet arrived for the Medan-born player.

In fact, the 22-year-old winger was called up to the Indonesian U-22 national team under Shin Tae-yong’s care at TC December 2020.

Nathanael Siringoringo has also just received news that Kelantan FC will extend his contract.

This was conveyed directly by the boss of Kelantan FC, Norizam Tukiman via his Instagram upload on Thursday (30/9/2021).

“My investment in Indonesian player from Medan, Nathanael Siringoringo, seems appropriate,” wrote Norizam.

“A 22-year-old potential player, today he played well, Ringo scored an interesting goal.”

“For Ringo I will continue the contract of this player,” he added.

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