Ever asked his wife to veil and convert to Islam, Shah Rukh Khan: Want to go to heaven together – 1NEWS

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Gauri Shah Rukh Khan's Wife photo: IndiaToday

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife is Hindu.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is famous for his romantic attitude towards his wife Gauri Khan. Although often exposed to rumors of infidelity, this pair of three children still looks harmonious in public.

What’s interesting about Khan and Gauri’s love story is the relationship between different religions. It is known that Khan is a Muslim while Gauri is Hindu.

Their second marriage in 1991 was quite phenomenal because of different religions. In one moment, Khan told how he struggled to marry the woman he loved so much.

Reported by the Bollywood Shadis page, at the beginning of the marriage Khan often received unpleasant treatment from his wife’s family.

“I was sitting on the aisle and one of my wife’s relatives whispered to another, ‘Hmm, look at her marrying a Muslim man. Will that man make Gauri a Muslim too?’” Khan said.

He also revealed how his wife’s family made him uncomfortable by always speaking Punjabi. Annoyed, Khan once asked Gauri Gauri to wear a veil and change her name to Ayesha.

“I told Gauri in front of them (Gauri’s family), okay Gauri wear your veil and we read the prayer now. She will also not leave the house and her name is no longer Gauri, but Ayesha’, the father of three added.

On the other hand, he worries that Islam cannot lead his wife to heaven with him.

“I can’t force it, but how happy it would be to be able to walk together to heaven,” said Khan.

Gauri Shah Rukh Khan’s Wife photo: IndiaToday

Meanwhile, regarding his religious differences, Gauri admits that he really appreciates Khan.

While appearing in Koffee With Karan season 1, Gauri was asked about the differences between herself and Shah Rukh Khan’s religion.

“I respect Shah Rukh’s religion but that doesn’t mean that I will convert and become a Muslim,” he said.

He was aware of his family’s treatment of Shah Rukh Khan, because they were worried about converting to Islam.

“Shah Rukh, he has no parents. If they were there, old people at home, they would definitely take care of it. But, it’s not like that in our house,” he said.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

As for her three children, Gauri admitted that because she gave a strong Hindu influence in the household, her son also embraced Hinduism.

“I am the one in charge. be it Diwali or Holi or any festival. So that’s why my children’s influence will be a lot with the Hindu part. But the thing is, Arya likes Shah Rukh so much that he will follow his religion. He would always say ‘I am a Muslim’,” said Gauri.

Shah Rukh Khan has always been vocal about secularism and has shared that he wants his children to love and respect all religions.

He shared the same in media interactions and stated, “I really believe tradition and religion are all very personal. I think kids, adults should be left to learn it on their own.”

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