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Persebaya Surabaya stumbled across the first series of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. Aji Santoso’s squad is a team that failed to appear consistent.

Rachmat Irianto and his friends ended the first series of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 with results that were far from expectations. They are now ranked 12th in the standings with six points from two wins and four defeats in six matches.

The club from the City of Heroes even has the status of the team with the worst defense. Persebaya Surabaya has conceded 12 goals. This means that on average they conceded two goals in each game.

In fact, Persebaya is a team that is considered to be a candidate for League 1 2020. They started by winning the 2020 East Java Governor’s Cup. Unfortunately, the pandemic made their ambitions disappear.

This bad result is motivated by the composition of their squad which is much different from last season. The names of the stars are Persebaya’s focus in the 2020 season.

Call it defender Hansamu Yama and winger Irfan Jaya, which includes quality local players. Hansamu is now in the uniform of Bhayangkara FC, while Irfan is defending PSS Sleman.

The four Persebaya Surabaya foreign players in the 2020 season can be said to be very suitable to keep their performance at the top. Aryn Williams, Mahmoud Eid, Makan Konate, and David da Silva chose to continue their careers to other clubs abroad.

Haven’t Found a Matched Replacement
Persebaya last season did not have foreign defenders. However, Hansamu’s presence was enough to make their defense line tidier. His leadership is also needed in repelling the opponent’s attack.

Then, Makan Konate is a reliable rhythm controller. Even though he just joined in early 2020, he immediately set up. Persebaya’s game is getting more interesting and aggressive thanks to the action of the midfielder from Mali.

Striker David da Silva has instead been Persebaya’s mainstay goal machine since the 2018 season. He always appears consistent. Just look at his contribution through 39 goals from 43 appearances in all competitions.

This situation has shown that the departure of a number of star players has greatly impacted Persebaya’s appearance. They still couldn’t find a suitable replacement.

Four foreign players have also not been able to appear consistent and boost the game of Bajul Ijo. They are defender Alie Sesay, midfielder Bruno Moreira, midfielder Taisei Marukawa and striker Jose Wilkson.

The fragile defense sector must be in the spotlight that must be repaired. Persebaya’s back line problems are various. One of them is the lack of discipline of the defenders. Coach Aji Santoso admits that most of the goals against his team are the result of his own players’ mistakes.

Defensive Player Crisis
Then, the team nicknamed Bajul Ijo had experienced a defensive crisis. Two names, namely right-back Koko Ari Araya and goalkeeper Satria Tama, have been absent since the first week due to long injuries that smothered them.

Not to mention, other names who have also been called by the Indonesian national team, such as Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, Rizky Ridho, Rachmat Irianto, and Ricky Kambuaya. The absence of these names erodes Persebaya’s strength.

Foreign defender Alie Sesay has not shown a consistent performance. He was even parked when his team lost 0-1 to Bhayangkara FC in the fourth week. Finally, the English league dropout suffered an injury when Persebaya lost to PSIS Semarang in the sixth week.

However, Persebaya is also the team with the highest goal productivity in BRI Liga 1 by scoring 10 goals. This achievement was matched by Bhayangkara FC, which is the leader of the temporary standings.

Even though the goal account is smooth, Persebaya still has problems in defense. What’s the point of scoring a lot of goals if the goal is also conceded even with a bigger number?

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