GOOD GRIEF !!! A total of three children victims of sexual exploitation, in this case were also secured from the location of the raid.

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The Sub-Directorate of the Renakta of the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya raided the practice of prostitution online minors at East Center Apartment, Pulo Gebang, East Jakarta.

A total of three child victims of sexual exploitation in this case were also secured from the location of the raid.

The Head of Sub-Directorate for Renakta at the Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Pujiyarto said, this case was uncovered based on a report from one of the victim’s parents.

At that time, he reported that his son with the initials MF (17) had not come home after being allowed to play with his friend since early September 2021.

“Around September 24, 2021, the reporter for the victim’s biological mother found out that there was a MiChat account that offered photos of the victim’s child for prostitution at the East Sentra Apartment,” said Pujiyarto to reporters, Thursday.

Armed with this information, the Sub-Directorate of the Renakta Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya then carried out a raid on one of the units of the East Sentra Apartment, on Wednesday (29/9/2021) yesterday.

From the results of the raid, they found MF and two other minors with the initials SIR (16) and AJ (17) who were suspected of being victims of sexual exploitation.

“As well as some jockeys who peddle underage children for sexual services,” explained Pujiyarto.

Pujiyarto revealed that the jockeys in this case had the initials MF (17) and DZH (17). Both use the mode of making the victim as a girlfriend and then invited to stay at the apartment.

Then they peddled the victim to a masher through the MiChat application.

“Evidence that was secured by the money from the BO (booking) of Rp 600 thousand, two unused condoms, cellphones and screenshots of the MiChat chat application,” he explained.


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