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Shanice Margaretha Lie Leaks About Nayla’s Fate in Instinct

Dream – The storyline of each episode of SCTV’s latest soap opera, Naluri Hati, is getting more interesting to follow. This soap opera made by Sinemart makes many viewers curious, especially regarding the fate of Nayla, the female lead character played by Shanice Margaretha Lie.

They questioned the fate of Nayla, who had lost her memory and changed her name to Dinda, played by Shanice. Some even suspected that Nayla would fall into a coma.

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“Will there be a scene where Nayla is in a coma? I really want to see Zain’s attention with Nayla,” wrote one netizen.

“Wow, is it true that Nayla will be in a coma?” another netizen said.

The curiosity of netizens apparently did not take long to get the answer. Through Instagram story, Shanice leaked Nayla’s fate.

According to Shanice Nayla, she will not be in a coma but will bring a more surprising story for the loyal audience of the soap opera which premiered on August 30, 2021.

“It’s not a coma, but there is something that makes Zain and Sandy have to fight more for Nayla. In episode 30 maybe, hehe,” replied Shanice Margaretha Lie.

Shanice Margaretha Lie (Photo: @margarethalie)© Shanice Margaretha Lie (Photo : @margarethalie)

NALURI HATI tells the story of a young girl named Dinda (Shanice Margaretha) who lives life without her biological mother. He lives with his father and mother who are evil-hearted and often get him into a lot of trouble.

Her continued mother, Rina (Debby Cynthia Dewi) has always been gentle and kind to Dinda. But behind it all, he has an evil plan for Dinda and his father, which is to control the wealth in the family.

On the other hand, Dinda who then lost her memory due to the accident met Zain (Samuel Zylgwyn), a man who came to help Dinda by chance, finding her while passing home from work. That’s where the story begins to roll full of twists and turns.

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