Hope for Love, New Song Proof of the Existence of ADA Bands in the Music Industry

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ADA Band releases a new song.  (doc.IST)

1NEWS – After Donny Sibarani’s resignation, ADA Band continues to exist in the Indonesian music industry with its new vocalist, Indra Sinaga. Together with the former vocalist of the band Lyla, ADA Band has released two singles, namely No Longer Love and Senandung Lagu Cinta (New Version).

Now, the group, which is also commanded by Dika, Marshal, and Adhy, has re-released a song called Harapan Cinta. The song is also a successor to the concept of Love Hope Reality which is being carried by ADA Band towards the new album later.

“Hope is hope, there are various kinds of dreams, aspirations, whatever it is, including hope for a life partner. So coincidentally there is always a romance band, so hope we tell about love to her lover,” said Dika, when it was released again Wishing Love, which took place virtually, recently.

The song Harapan Cinta tells the story of how someone feels who has wasted the presence of his lover. At one point, he felt so lost and missed the times with his lover so much that there was hope that everything could return to the way it used to be.

The feeling of loss and the hope of wanting to get back together was then packaged in a melodic tone that sounded sweet with various arrangements of piano, orchestra and masculine sounds typical of the ADA Band. Interestingly, for the song Harapan Cinta, ADA Band uses Dolby Atmos technology in the mixing and mastering process. No doubt, it will provide a different experience when the song is heard.

ADA Band releases a new song. (doc.IST)

“Technically the recording is the same, it’s just more of a mixing process. There is a term isolate, so there are vocals themselves, there are piano, guitar, bass, the orchestra is divided. So it’s like there are 5 to 8 speakers around us, like watching a live. Digital platform that to accommodate (Dolby Atmos) currently only Apple Music,” explained Dika. “There are very few music releases in Indonesia that use Dolby Atmos technology,” Naga replied.

Just like the song lyrics associated with the concept of Love Hope Reality, the music video made also has a common thread from the music video Tak Lagi Cinta which represents the word Love in the concept. Naga said that the music video for the single “Hope Cinta” uses the same model and the storyline is related to the single clip “No Longer Love”.

“For the MV, it has been conceptualized as a continuation from No Longer Love, which was released in January and this, Hope for Love. Conceptually (music video) No Longer Love, Hoping Love and songs that represent Reality will later be related,” explained Naga.

The release of the song Harapan Cinta itself is expected to be able to cure the longing of Arm-ADA, as ADA Band fans are called. Under the auspices of Astaswara Kreasindo which is a record company based in Surabaya, East Java. In addition to ADA Band, Astaswara Kreasindo also oversees Bodaz, Sarasputri as talents in the Indonesian music industry.

With a collaboration that has existed since the end of 2020 with Astaswara, ADA Band wants to give a signal to Indonesian music listeners that the band, which has been established since 1996, continues to exist in the country’s music scene. “Hopefully we always represent the feelings of our listeners. So we always convey the fans’ longing for ADA band songs,” hoped Dika.


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