Hurray! Covid-19 Vaccination in Indonesia Has Exceeded 2 Million Doses a Day

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ACCURATE.CO The Indonesian government has recorded that it has succeeded in reaching 2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccination per day. The data collected by the Covid-19 Task Force on September 29, 2021, is that 2,049,125 doses of vaccine have been injected.

Quoting from the Ministry of Health page, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/10/2021), in detail, there were 1,291,850 doses of the 1st vaccine and 757,275 doses of the 2nd vaccine. Thus, until that date the number of people who had been injected with the first dose was 89,822,987 people and 50,412,993 people for the second vaccine.

This means that the first dose of vaccination has reached 43.13 percent and 24.21 percent for the second dose of the vaccination target of 208,265,720 people.

Meanwhile, for the 3rd dose or booster vaccination for health workers, there are 7,283 doses per day with a total of 924,828 health workers.

The vaccination achievement was achieved thanks to optimal efforts and mutual cooperation with all parties, especially the TNI/Polri, local governments, BUMN and private parties who helped.

The Ministry of Health continues to increase the acceleration of vaccination. In addition to opening mass vaccinations in collaboration with various elements of society, the Ministry of Health has also issued a Circular instructing all vaccination service posts, Technical Implementation Units under the Ministry of Health, such as the Port Health Office (KKP), Vertical Hospital, Poltekkes, throughout Indonesia to carry out vaccinate all targets regardless of domicile or place of residence on the KTP.

“One of the government’s strategies is to seek the availability of vaccines and accelerate the vaccination program so that more people are protected,” said the Head of the Bureau of Communication and Community Services, drg. Widyawati, MKM.

The government also continues to strive for the availability of vaccines either through multilateral or bilateral schemes in order to meet the current stock and maintain the vaccination rate in accordance with the existing vaccine stock.

All Indonesian people are asked to take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible, because with vaccination and implementing strict health protocols, more and more people will be protected from Covid-19. []


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