Husband Caught Cheating, Wife Is Shocked Not Playing Because The Actors Are Her Own Sister!

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Building a household ark is not an easy thing. Of course, there will always be problems that occur.

For that, before deciding to proceed to a more serious level, it is natural to prepare mentally and no less important to know your partner further.

Talking about problems in the household, recently on social media there was a viral story of a woman who had to swallow bitter feelings because of her husband’s infidelity with another woman. Even though she is still the legal wife of her husband.

Reported by from Facebook Hanna Ramdzan, on (15/7), Hanna also told the things that made her sick on her Facebook account named Hanna Ramdzan.

The thing that made him sick was that his husband secretly had the heart to have an affair with a woman who was none other than his own sister.

“Here I come to your memories with your scandal (husband) my own sister. I can’t stand the holy capital man dear.. I’m very sick.. He incited my family to hate me. He said all slander. I’m patient I’ve blocked you but how come you still make me angry. Whoever is Nagn Ramdzan’s friend #lalakau give this to him. I know there are Facebook friends who share the same with him,” he wrote.

Through her Facebook account, Hanna revealed how the love story of her own brother and her husband was.

In his upload, he uploaded several pictures of the intimacy of his sister and husband as evidence of their affair.

For the scandal that was committed by her sister and husband, Hanna also admitted that she was sick and disappointed. Moreover, his sister had incited the rest of his family to hate him.

Hanna also hopes that anyone who is friends with her husband can convey the status message.

Hanna’s outpouring of her household problems then went viral and became a public conversation until it had been shared 3000 times and received many comments.

Nana Ellyanna, “Patience, my heaven. there is karma. Insyaallah we will be happy one day ”

Ila Fazilla Aripin, “Oh God, that’s true.. my sister took my husband.

Hayya Mahmud, “Today.. even siblings themselves can be thorns in the flesh.. that’s not to say the front is treacherous, the left is cursing, the right is vile, the back is treacherous… I hope you continue to be strong. For the sake of the children… i feel u beb.. don’t forget to make a living. That’s your right… you have to pay for it…”

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