Inactive East Kolaka Regent Targeted by KPK for BNPB Grant Funds

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1NEWS, The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigative team questioned the inactive East Kolaka Regent Andi Merya Nur regarding the process of disbursing grant funds from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) to East Kolaka Regency. The examination of Andi Merya Nur was carried out on Monday (4/10/2021).

Acting (Plt) KPK spokesman Ali Fikri said the witness was confirmed by the investigative team regarding the process of disbursing grant funds to be received by East Kolaka Regency.

“The investigative team confirmed and explored further the process of grants that the East Kolaka Regency Government will receive from BNPB in the form of rehabilitation and reconstruction funds as well as ready-to-use funds,” said Ali Fikri in his statement, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/10/2021).

Previously, East Kolaka Regent Andi Merya Nur was officially named a suspect in a bribery case. Andi Merya Nur was named a suspect along with five other people after KPK investigators found sufficient preliminary evidence.

“After collecting various information on the alleged corruption, then the KPK carried out an investigation which was then found to have sufficient preliminary evidence, the KPK raised the status of this case to the investigative stage by announcing the suspect,” said Deputy Chairperson of the KPK Nurul Gufron in a press statement here. KPK RI YouTube channel, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

Previously, Regent Andi Merya was arrested along with five other people in a Hand Arrest Operation in East Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi.

The five suspects are Anzarullah, Head of the East Kolaka BPBD, Mujeri Dachri (Husband of AMN), Andi Yustika (Aide to the Regent), Novriandi (Aide to the Regent) and Muawiyah (Aide to the Regent).

In this case, Andi Merya is suspected of receiving bribes from Anzarullah. This bribe is allegedly related to the relocation and reconstruction grant from BNPB. Andi and Anzarullah proposed a logistical and equipment grant for East Kolaka Regency to BNPB.

As a result, East Kolaka Regency received a Relocation & Reconstruction Grant of Rp. 26.9 billion and a Ready-to-Use Grant of Rp. 12.1 billion.


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