It’s not because it’s a lair for bad people, this is the reason America’s homes have basements

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If you often watch foreign films, especially those from America, you must be familiar with the house designs that are often shown. Especially if the film has a genre horrors, thrillers, and also action. Almost every house that is featured in a series of films with this genre must have a basement. That’s why most people think that the basement in the house is synonymous with the bad guy’s lair.

It’s not wrong either, because image that is formed from the films earlier is like that. Whether the room is used to kidnap, harm other people, perform rituals, to other horror phenomena that if you just imagine it, it’s really scary. In fact, in fact, the existence of basements in homes in America is not always attached to these things. This is the reason~

1. Save space when building houses in urban areas, especially in American cities that have many buildings that are close together

Illustration of a large densely populated city / Credit: Pexels Charles Parker

Living in a big city in America is not an easy thing. Especially if you don’t have enough money to buy a large area of ​​land. There are only two choices, build a house with a level model, or a house with an additional basement. Everything is done to save costs and make the best use of the available space. As it turned out, building a house on that level was much more expensive than building a basement.

2. As a storage space for other valuable objects in the house

For storing valuables / Credit: Pexels John Guccione

The phenomenon of social inequality in America which is often shown in feature films is not just a figment. The level of crime or crime in this superpower is not a problem. Starting from street crimes like in Indonesia, gangsters, to various other forms of crime, there are all of them. That’s why some people there make basements to store valuable objects or treasures in the house. Of course with reasons to be safer. Pretty spooky too, huh?

3. A place to relax in the middle of summer

Relaxing room / Credit: Elevatesarnia

For those who don’t know, the temperature in America when summer is in progress can reach up to 40 degrees. Can you imagine how hot and sultry it is? Well, here is one of the important functions of the basement. Without having to use an air conditioner, the basement in the house has a cooler temperature than the room above it. So, the basement in America also serves as a place to relax the owner during the summer. Instead of having to use AC, it’s expensive! The cost of living in America is not cheap at all, you know~

4. Dungeons are also used as shelters from storms

Storm illustration / Credit: Pexels Ralph W. lambrecht

As we know, America has various kinds of natural phenomena that are so scary. One of them is a storm that is sometimes strong enough to damage entire buildings in a particular city. No wonder the people there build underground rooms to use as shelters when the storm comes. Like the earthquake phenomenon in Japan, this storm in America has also become a routine agenda that must be faced by the local community. Especially for Americans who are in the north, the possibility of storms is usually more frequent.

Here are the reasons why American homes have basements. Now you know why they have that room, right? Although it is undeniable that overseas dungeons are synonymous with scary things, the reason for their existence is logical. So, are you curious, how does it feel to have a basement? ️

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