Joining a Commercial Ad Session, Werner Becomes the Fool of Mount and Jorginho

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“Besides being a joker on the field, Timo Werner is apparently also good at joking in everyday life”

1NEWS – Since his £47.5 million move from RB Leipzig in the summer of 2020, Werner has only scored 14 goals in the 60 appearances he made for Chelsea. Even so, the role of the German man at Stamford Bridge also cannot be underestimated because thanks to him the Blues managed to win several important matches.

Werner’s time at Chelsea

Although Werner’s ability in front of goal is still questionable, Thomas Tuchel still gives more faith to the 25-year-old player.

And we all can’t deny that Werner is now filling the meme channels more often online than showing his impressive performances with Chelsea.

However, Werner has always tried to be professional, both before and after the game, he clearly put in a lot of effort every time Tuchel trusted him.

Fake Yokohama advertisement

One thing that is certain why Werner is needed by the Blues is that he always brings a positive aura to the Chelsea dressing room, especially when he makes something funny, one of which is where he becomes the victim of annoyance from Chelsea and their main sponsor, Yokohama.

In the video, poor Werner is the target of a fake tire advert, wears a strange outfit and has to pretend to be driving around in a mini go-kart.

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There is a role for Jorginho and Mason Mount

What makes the video even funnier is that Mason Mount and Jorginho are also in it, taking turns giving instructions to an actor pretending to be a Yokohama cameraman.

And with Werner following along with pretty much everything that’s asked of him – no matter how odd – the jokes really make for a hilarious and refreshing spectacle.

Always try to give the best

Despite the fact that Werner is clearly asked to do things that make him feel uncomfortable or silly, one thing we can emulate from the Stuttgart born player is that he always gives 100% to whatever is entrusted to him.

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