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Paling Seru

Mostseru.com – Lesti Kejora candidly expressed her heart when she first found out that she was pregnant with her first child from her marriage with Rizky Billar.

What he felt was not only happiness, but also fear. Fear of being the object of gossip.

“Because at that time, Dedek was still not married, not married at KUA, right,” he said when he was a guest star on Aurel Hermansyah’s YouTube channel, Monday (4/10).

“On the one hand, Grandfather is thinking, so people don’t talk about it,” he continued.

And sure enough, now Lesti Kejora’s first pregnancy has drawn criticism from the netizens.

Her pregnancy caused a polemic, especially their unregistered marriage, which is now in danger of being policed.

But both Lesti and Billar, they are both not worried about this issue. Even to Aurel, Lesti said the most important thing was that the family already knew.

“Yes, the important thing is that the family knows,” Aurel chimed in.

Lesti then told her husband’s first response when he received the happy news of his pregnancy.

“So when I found out, MasyaAllah, I was really happy, but just before telling my sister, how did I do it (confused). In the end, Grandfather spoke to my sister, my sister was even more happy, she cried and hugged her right away,” he said as he ended, as reported by today.line.me.

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