Not Given Rp. 5 Thousand, This Grandson in Palembang Continues to Persecute His Grandmother to Death, Still Doesn’t Care Even though the Victim Has Been Screaming | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Most Fun – Ahmad Hairul Anwar alias Erol (19) had the heart to brutally kill his own grandmother, Hj Manisa (60) at his residence in Seberang Ulu II District, Palembang City, South Sumatra, Sunday (3/10/2021) because the perpetrator was annoyed that he was not given money by victim Rp. 5 thousand to buy cigarettes.

Using a knife, the perpetrator repeatedly stabbed the victim’s body. The victim who refused to give the money annoyed the perpetrator and immediately took a knife which he then stabbed at the victim.

The victim screamed for help from nearby residents. Hearing his grandmother scream, instead of stopping, the perpetrators continued to carry out the persecution. Until seven sharp weapons wounds were found all over the victim’s body. Because he had many serious injuries, the victim died when he was rushed to the hospital.

“We got evidence in the form of a knife used by the perpetrator to stab his grandmother,” said Su II Police Chief, AKP Handryanto, Monday (4/10/2021).

The perpetrator was annoyed because at that time the victim did not give him money. In fact, the victim usually gives the perpetrator money. In addition to his grandmother, a neighbor of the perpetrator named Latif (64) also suffered many sharp weapons injuries because he tried to break up the perpetrator.

“Usually given, not this time. I’m upset. Then take a kitchen knife. The money is for buying cigarettes.” said the perpetrator.

Until now, this case is still under investigation by the police. The police are still investigating the case whose motive was because he was annoyed that his grandmother did not give him money.

“The motive was annoyed because his grandmother was not given money. Furthermore, we are still investigating how his daily life is and whether there are indications that the perpetrator is a drug user,” said AKP Handryanto.

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