Not Prioritizing Perfect Image as a Public Figure, Marshanda: I Want To Make Others Happy

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In life, of course, many things happen. Not only from the outside, sometimes problems come from within ourselves. One of them is the issue self hate i.e. behavior or mindset hate yourself, that’s for sure toxic if continued.

Starting from this, various artists have emerged who are now increasingly fond of voicing resistance from self hate, that is self love. Marshanda is one of the country’s artists who vocally voices about self love or the practice of loving oneself. Marshanda often shows how to love herself on various occasions, one of which is through uploads on social media. He doesn’t even hesitate to show his imperfections in public, such as changing his body shape.

The feeling of wholeness and its influence on society is more important than a perfect image. Marshanda: Image perfect not my priority

As an artist and widely known, many have asked about Marshanda’s courage to show her various shortcomings. Marshanda also stated the reason bluntly in his latest Instagram upload.
Marshanda insists that the perfect image is not her priority. He admits that he is more concerned with the changes he can make to others through himself.

“Image perfect is not my priority,” said Marshanda on Instagram on Sunday (3/10). “Being known to the public, I don’t prioritize a PERFECT IMAGE over the FEEL OF WHOLE in myself and the IMPACT that I can create in other people’s lives. What matters most is what change I can make for the world.”

Marshanda wants to focus on spreading happiness, because she has succeeded in being happy with herself. Self love is a must~

Marshanda wants to spread happiness as she feels and love herself as she does. “I want to make other people happy because I am really happy too, love others because I have succeeded in loving myself, and strengthen others because I myself have fallen and am strong to get up again,” he said.

For Marshanda she wants to be happy, to love, to strengthen people because she herself has managed to go through all of that in herself. Feeling that he has finished with various problems within himself, now he wants to spread impact on other people.

No need for validation, Marshanda just wants to be herself without worrying about the differences that sometimes occur

Marshanda says she doesn’t need confession. He prefers to be honest and accepted by people as himself. “I would rather be honest and connect deeply with the right people. Rather than being liked as someone I am actually not.”

He revealed that there is nothing wrong with being a different person with different thoughts. The mother of one insists that the difference is not the reason she has to change herself.

“If you’re not my kind of person, it’s cool. You be you, I be me. If I’m feeling empty, I’ll be honest. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. If I’m feeling full happiness, I will also be honest,” he continued.

In the video he uploaded on October 3 last, Marshanda also opened up opportunities for anyone who wants to tell their difficulties or struggles in life. He expressed that he wanted to give hope, a sense of togetherness and happiness in the hearts of others.

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