Police Officers in Badung Become Drug Couriers Sued for 10 Years – 1NEWS

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bbn/illustration/Police Officer in Badung Becomes Drug Courier Sued for 10 Years.

Police officer Gde Made Ardhana (34) who previously served at the Badung Police, could only regret it after the Public Prosecutor demanded a sentence of 10 years in prison for being caught in a drug case.
Public Prosecutor (JPU) GA Surya Yunita, assessed that the defendant’s actions were proven guilty of possessing and controlling 37 packages of methamphetamine and three psychotropic tablets.

The defendant’s actions as stated in and threatened with Article 112 paragraph (1) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics.

“There is a panel of judges so that the defendant is sentenced to prison for 10 years and a fine of Rp. 800 million, subsidiary to 4 months in prison,” said the prosecutor reading out the indictment virtually.

As stated in the indictment, the case against the police from Tabanan began with the development of the defendants I Made Buda Artana and Mohamad Faris Setiawan (separate file) by Denpasar Police Satnarkoba officers on Monday 7 June 2021.

From the hands of Buda and Faris, 31 packages of methamphetamine weighing 3.72 grams net were found. The two confessed that the 31 packages of methamphetamine belonged to a member of the National Police with the name of the defendant Ardhana.

“The defendant Ardhana was arrested while in the lobby of the Badung Police Office,” the prosecutor’s indictment said.

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