Portrayal Of Guilt Releases Horror Song MV From Upcoming Album

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Portrayal Of Guilt Releases Horror Song MV

Posted on: 10/5/21 at 12:00 pm

Portrayal of Guilt (Photo: Addrian Jafaritabar).

Portrayal of Guild has released a new song titled ‘…Where the Suffering Never Ends’ from the album full-length upcoming, Christfucker. The album is set to come out on November 5 through Run For Cover Records. And the new song is accompanied by a terrifying cinematic music video.

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Once again, Portrayal of Guilt unleashed an onslaught that blended various styles: death metal, noise, screamo, and post-hardcore. This trio from Austin, Texas, United States (US) continues to prove that they can exist outside scene one genre. And can attract loyal fans of a very specific line of subgenres.

Horror Music Video

Director Craig Murray brings the song’s grim implications to life with Blair Witch’s macabre visuals. Trimmed from an initial 15-20 minute edit, this video serves as a short film, building on the sense of uneasiness and suspense that builds up before reaching its bloody climax.

“I wanted to make an immersive film that takes viewers on a progressive journey that seems like it never ends,” Murray said in a press statement. “I decided to leave the opening act as long as I could by expanding the sound of the intro, which is various parts of the song that are slowed down and reversed. We camped overnight in the woods to shoot movies in mostly chronological order. Between us, by the end of the set, we had more than 1,000 harvested mite bites.”

This song works perfectly alongside the visuals. It helped that Portrayal of Guilt basically set out to make a quasi-horror soundtrack with a new album.

“We take it partly in the sense of making a horror film,” guitarist-vocalist Matt King said at the announcement of the band’s new album. “We want to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear.”

Portrayal of Guilt Ready for Album Promo Tour

In support of the new album, Portrayal of Guilt will be back on tour for the first time since the pandemic began. They share various schedules with Code Orange, Uniform, Sheer Mag, Soul Glo, and more. The itinerary begins October 14 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and runs through the November 19 show in Dallas.

New album Portrayal of Guilt, Christfucker will be available in a variety of vinyl colors and can be pre-ordered through Run For Cover Records at this link.

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Enjoy watching the MV (Music Video)‘…Where the Suffering Never Ends’ below.

Author, Translator & Editor: Dharma Samyayogi

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