Prayer to Suppress Anger Due to Heartache | 1NEWS

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Prayer when afflicted with sadness and disappointment so that the heart is calm

Dream – Calming the heart by reading a prayer when we face sadness and disappointment, we must have done it. Both feelings are very natural to experience when we experience unpleasant events.

Our hearts feel tight when sad and disappointed hit. Then think of blaming someone else.

Everyone who faces sadness and disappointment certainly needs a place to lean on. In addition to telling people who can be trusted, reading prayers when you are sad, of course, must be done. We pray that Allah (SWT) will give you peace in the face of this ordeal.

As a Muslim, the only way to complain about our grief is Allah. Allah is the owner of all abilities.

For Dream Friends who are suffering from sadness, let’s say a prayer to get rid of sadness and disappointment below. May Allah SWT accept and bring peace to the heart.

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