Ready for marriage, here are 10 details of Ria Ricis’s application from modern nuances to Acehnese customs

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At the end of August, there were many rumors circulating that Ria Yunita or who is more familiarly called Ria Ricis would soon carry out the application ceremony. After being confused for some time, Ricis slowly began to show the face of his future husband, Teuku Ryan. They both started appearing together on social media. Finally, on September 23, 2021, both of them officially held an application ceremony.

Ricis also often shares moments when the two of them prepare for the application, starting from the fitting of clothes, offerings, to the decoration of the proposal which is decorated with beautiful calm colors. Let’s see the details of Ria Ricis’s application in the following Hipwee Wedding review~

1. Ria Ricis wore a modern kebaya dress in the shape of an A-line with a sampiran accent on the shoulder. The beautiful purple kebaya worn by Ricis was designed by designer Anji Asmara

Credit via @anjiasmara on Instagram

2. In addition to the modern kebaya, Ricis also appeared to be wearing Acehnese traditional clothes designed by designer Cut Yurisa Yoesoef to appear dancing ratoh jaroe during his application.

Credit @riaricis1795 on Instagram

3. While the clothes worn by the future husband, Teuku Ryan, were designed by @sasdesigns with satin material and colors that match dress owned by Ricis

Credit @sasdesigns on Instagram

4. To maximize her appearance on the day of the proposal, Ricis wore a series of makeup from MUA Ernia Aprilia with a bandage make-up colored pink and peach sweet one~

Credit @redberrywedding on Instagram

5. Ricis is wearing heels from @stepbylinalee in the same color as dress and make-up. Ricis’s proposal heels are pink with pearl beaded details on the top. Beautiful!

Credit @stepbylinalee on Instagram

6. The ring is the most important thing on the day of the proposal and Ricis chose to wear a ring designed by The ring that Teuku wears has a detail of the letter RR which is a symbol of Ria and Ryan’s names

Credit on Instagram

7. During the proposal ceremony, Teuku gave a bouquet of flowers to Ricis in the form of a beautiful and matching bouquet of pink roses from @realninanasution

Credit @realninanasution on Instagram

8. There were two types of offerings at Ricis’s application, namely Bungong Jaroe from Aceh and a set of beauty products from @riefinka_seserahan

Credit @riefinka_seserahan on Instagram

9. Located at the JW Marriot Hotel, Ria Ricis uses decorations from @farah_decor that are green with accents of various beautiful flowers

Credit @farah_decor on Instagram

10. Don’t forget Ricis also captures the moment of his application through beautiful photos and videos from @imagenic

Credit @imagenic on Instagram

Starting from the clothes, makeup, to decorations, all the colors look the same. Hopefully all the affairs will be smoothed out until the wedding ceremony, okay? Once again, congratulations to Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan!


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