Revealing Ayu Ting Ting and Sahrul Gunawan’s Relationship, Igun: Expected But Not Responded!

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The name of a phenomenal Indonesian dancer, Ayu Ting Ting, has again become a byword for netizens after she was often paired with senior actor Sahrul Gunawan. His closeness with Sahrul Gunawan began when the actor commented on one of the photo posts uploaded by Atu Ting Ting on his personal Instagram account some time ago.

Since then, not a few netizens have finally suspected that Sahrul Gunawan and Ayu Ting Ting were in an unusual closeness.

Reported from the MOP Channel YouTube channel on October 3, 2021, Ayu Ting Ting tried to respond to the news that was involving him and Sahrul Gunawan.

When asked about the truth of her relationship with Sahrul Gunawan, who is currently serving as deputy regent in Bandung, Ayu Ting Ting immediately denied it.

He even admitted that he just found out about the news from the presenter. Hearing such a question, Ayu Ting Ting actually felt surprised because she had never once met Sahrul Gunawan.

“Never met, never communicated. I was surprised to suddenly say the same as Sahrul Gunawan,” he answered.

At the same time, presenter Ivan Gunawan then responded to the news that linked the closeness between Sahrul Gunawan and Ayu Ting Ting.

The celebrity, who is also often referred to as Igun, leaked some surprising information.
He revealed that actually Sahrul Gunawan had liked Ayu Ting Ting for a long time. Unfortunately, the swordsman never took it seriously.

“Sahrul Gunawan had always hoped for Ayu Ting Ting, but Ayu Ting Ting didn’t respond,” said Ivan Gunawan.

Furthermore, Ivan Gunawan hopes that Sahrul Gunawan will stop expecting Ayu Ting Ting.

He asked the actor as well as the regional official to focus on the political affairs he was carrying.

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