Reza Artamevia Explains the Reason for Marrying the Late Adjie Massaid: That Time Because He Had a ‘Password’

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Singer Reza Artamevia was invited to YouTube Chat Asix some time ago. In the video, Reza Artamevia opens up about his past and the beginning of his relationship with the late Adjie Massaid.

Reza Artamevia said that at that time he and Adjie Massaid were not dating. “I’m not dating the deceased,” said Reza Arthamevia, quoted by via YouTube Chat Asix, Sunday, October 3, 2021.

The woman, who is known for her song titled “Hope Not To Be Separated,” revealed that the late Adjie Massaid proposed to her shortly after getting acquainted.

“So from the first time you know, you only apply for 2 weeks,” said Reza. Shortly after the proposal, Reza and Adjie got married 2 months later.

“From knowing to marriage, it’s only been 2 months, it’s not crazy what to do,” he said. Reza also revealed the reason why he wanted to marry Adjie Massaid at that time.

Reza said if Adjie had a password that made him sure to marry Adjie.

“At that time, because he had a password, ‘what I offer you is all the goodness of Rez and I want to be closer to Allah’, that was the password,” said Reza.

Even so, at the beginning of the introduction, Adjie and Reza both still had their respective partners.

However, the two broke up with each other and entered into a serious relationship.

“At that time I had a boyfriend, and he also ended up breaking up with Bela,” said Reza Artamevia.

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