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Mutia Nugraheni

October 5, 2021 07:47

Dreams – Some mothers experience ‘pregnancy glow’ when pregnant, her skin is brighter, her hair is thicker, and her nails are denser. This is because the condition of the hormone estrogen has increased dramatically.

Unfortunately, before delivery, many also experience the opposite. Hair loss is severe, and lasts up to a month after the baby is born. This condition certainly makes mothers worried because the condition of the hair is getting thinner

To help reduce the risk of hair loss during pregnancy and after delivery, there are several things you can do. Anything? Check out the trick quoted from

1. Wash slowly
The most important thing in reducing hair loss during pregnancy is to wash your hair slowly and gently. Avoid rubbing or scratching the scalp which can cause hair loss.

If you want to do a massage, do it in circular motions on the scalp without rubbing the hair roots. If your hair is thinning and want to restore the volume of your hair to its original state, use a shampoo labeled “volumizing”. These shampoos usually contain proteins that make hair appear thicker.

You can also use a shampoo that contains biotin and silica. Avoid shampoos labeled as ‘conditioning shampoos’, as they contain conditioners that make hair heavier and pull it down more.

Use a conditioner formulated for thin hair. This conditioner contains a light formula that does not make hair heavy and easy to fall out.

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