Speeding Preparation for the Second Series of BRI Liga 1 2021, Persib Coach Highlights Blunt Front Lines | 1NEWS

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Persib Bandung plans to return to routine training starting Tuesday (5/10/2021) to prepare for the second series of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 which will start on October 15, 2021.

The team nicknamed Maung Bandung was only given two days off after ending the first series of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022. In preparation for the second series, Persib Bandung coach, Robert Alberts, confirmed that he would conduct a thorough evaluation with all the shortcomings in the first series.

The Dutch coach is satisfied with the performance in the back and midfield. However, the front line is in the spotlight.

“We analyzed that the back and the middle are on the right track. But we have to be able to make attacks more efficient and be more aggressive and tough, “said Robert Alberts recently.

Robert admitted, in the first series of BRI Liga 1, his troops won too many draws, namely four draws each against Bali United (2-2), against Borneo FC (0-0), against Persikabo 1973 (0-0). ), and against PSM Makassar (1-1).

While the other two matches won, namely against Barito Putera (1-0) and against Persita Tangerang (2-1). From these results, Persib’s position temporarily in the BRI Liga 1 standings is ranked 5th with 10 points.

“Yes, indeed Persib Bandung has won too many draws. We will sit down together and will go through this. We have 10 days of practice before the second series starts,” said Robert.

What is certain is that Robert continued, within 10 days, he and the coaching team must make sure everything improves to win every match later.

In the first series, Persib’s front line was indeed in the spotlight because they had not scored a single goal that was born from a striker like Wander Luiz, Geoffrey Castillion, and Ezra Walian.

The five goals scored by Persib were actually created by midfielders such as Marc Klok (1 goal), Mohammed Rashid (2 goals), and Beckham Putra Nugraha (2 goals).

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