The director reveals the mystery of Seung Gi Hun’s red hair in Squid Game, it turns out…

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Seung Gi Hun's character is described after winning billions of won.  Photo: KBIZOOM

The Squid Game series has become a hot topic of discussion, especially with the mysteries it leaves behind. Yes, as is known, many of the Squid Game viewers are still wondering in their minds about some of the mysteries in the series, such as who exactly is the salesperson (Gong Yoo) who invites them to play. ddakji? Is police officer Hwang Jun Ho (Wi Ha Joon) still alive? And one of them that is also a question is Seung Gi Hun’s red hair color.

In a new interview with The Chosun Ilbo, Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk answered those questions, including the mystery of Seung Gi Hun’s character’s red hair.

As is known, at the end of the series, Seung Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) survived the last game, won a billion won prize money, and returned to the real world. After returning to the real world, he refuses to use the money and struggles desperately to live. It also looks sloppy and dirty.

Seung Gi Hun’s character is described after winning billions of won. Photo: KBIZOOM

However, after meeting the man in charge of the game, Seung Gi Hun makes a big change in his life and his hair.

Why did Gi Hun dye his hair red? Some fans believe he plans to re-enter the game as a worker – who wears the red uniform. While others think the hair color might have something to do with the game ddakji, and many other theories that emerged from fan speculation.

“This audience is definitely more creative than me,” said Hwang Dong Hyuk, launching Koreaboo, Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

Seung Gi Hun's character dyed his hair red.  Photo: Cinemaholic
Seung Gi Hun’s character dyed his hair red. Photo: Cinemaholic

Answering the mystery of Seung Gi Hun’s red hair, the director finally gave an explanation. Dong Hyuk said that Seung Gi Hun’s hair color was inspired by his life.

“I lived as Gi Hun for a while, while writing and filming the series. The idea came to me during the shoot. After the death of Il Nam (Oh Young Soo), Gi Hun tries to return to normal, but is it possible? To return to the figure you were before the game?” Hwang Dong Hyuk said.

Dong Hyuk then explained that Seung Gi Hun’s red hair was a form of releasing the character’s anger. Doing something different and has never been done before becomes a symbol of its own after the figure of Gi Hun has a different life from his life before undergoing deadly games.

“If I were Gi Hun, what would I think while sitting at the hairdresser? I thought I was going to do something I would never do. It was because Gi Hun was different now. Then, thinking of what the craziest thing I could do, I chose red hair. It’s like Gi Hun’s anger,” concluded Hwang Dong Hyuk.

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