The gig fee is called IDR 1 billion, Isyana Sarasvati’s response makes me laugh

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1NEWSIsyana Sarasvati became a guest star on Boy William’s Youtube channel. At the Nebeng Boy program, the two of them discussed many things, including the issue of Isyana’s payment for once filling the event.

The discussion about the cost of Isyana Sarasvati’s gig as a musician began when the singer of the song “You Is” expressed his admiration for the car he was driving. Boy William. Suddenly, Boy advised Isyana to immediately buy the same car as him.

“Buy it,” said Boy William. “No, I’m not saving,” answered Isyana Sarasvati briefly.

Hearing Isyana’s statement, Boy William then made a joke that made the other person surprised. Boy claimed to know how much an Isyana Sarasvati costs in one gig.

“You have a lot of money. I know how much you sing once. Because I wanted to call off the water,” said Boy.

Trying to deny what Boy said, Isyana Sarasvati also tried to clarify. He admitted that the gig rates had changed since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia.

“What year was that, the price difference during the pandemic. In the case of a pandemic, the price is a little flexible,” Isyana replied with a laugh.

Intrigued by Isyana’s answer, Boy William was provoked to confirm the exact number that the music event organizer had to issue if he invited Isyana Sarasvati.

“I heard you sing Rp. 1 billion once?” asked Boy.

Unexpected, Isyana Sarasvati also responded with a bit of humor. While denying it, he also made jokes that made the atmosphere of the chat even more lively.

“Oops, amen. But it seems like it never happened, it’s not crazy. By Allah, it’s not Rp. 1 billion. If Rp. 1 billion, my house is not here, I think on Mars,” said Isyana, ending with their laughter.


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