The Miss V Steam Trend Must Be Avoided, This Is Danger | 1NEWS

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Why do so many people do this treatment?

Miss V is an organ that can clean itself. So, the question arises why people do these treatments?

“Most of it is marketing,” Twogood said. According to her, this treatment became popular when Gwyneth Paltrow discussed it.

However, this trend also increases people’s concerns about miss V. Kelly Culwell, an obstetrician who works with WHO and Planned Parenthood adds, concerns about vaginal care are basically not too problematic because this is something that has not been based on research.

There are many health problems faced by women with their reproductive organs such as vaginal infections, endometriosis or severe cramps during menstruation, which do not have many diagnosis or treatment options.

“However, many brands or celebrities are taking advantage of this condition and trying to find solutions outside of general medicine,” Kelly said.

According to Twogood, the problem is when practices like these treatments are marketed as non-medical ways to improve miss V health.

“I’ve heard some of my patients do it out of curiosity or just because they want to try it,” he says.

Some of the patients also struggle with what they consider to be abnormal vaginal discharge and want to know if steam miss V can solve this problem.

While Culwell said steam miss V has no evidence of success and does not make it anatomically logical.

He added, miss V is a potential space which means the walls are closed to each other unless something is inserted inside.

Steam can not ‘open’ miss V, so the steam will not go too far inside. If that happens, the cervix is ​​designed to keep things out of the uterus to prevent infection.

In conclusion, steam cannot enter the uterus. Twogood added that there was no medical support for the treatment. “It’s not studied in a robust way even though marketing promises more than a medical perspective can deliver,” he said.

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