The Story of Mother Giving Birth on a Plane, Broken Waters While Airing

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story of mother giving birth on a plane

The time of delivery often misses the HPL (Estimated Day of Birth). Sometimes the signs of labor come early at an unexpected time and place. For example, the story of a mother giving birth on a plane suddenly follows. Her water broke when the plane was tens of thousands of feet. The mother had to immediately give birth to her baby with all the limitations there.

The Story of Mother Giving Birth on a Plane Suddenly

The mother gave birth to her baby on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul Turkey to Chicago, United States. The delivery was successful at high altitude with the help of the flight crew and a doctor who happened to be one of the passengers.

The moment of labor begins when the mother’s water breaks at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Cabin crew acted quickly to announce whether there was a doctor among the passengers. Incidentally, there was a neurosurgeon who was a passenger. The doctor immediately assisted in the delivery and a baby boy was born. The baby, named Mahdi, was born healthy and safe.

Launching Independent UK, the baby’s mother who hails from Morocco boarded a flight with her husband on 27 September 2021. She didn’t expect her baby to be born two weeks earlier than expected.

Dr Feridun Kubilay who assisted with the delivery is a neurosurgeon working part time in Turkey. When he heard the announcement he immediately came to help even though he had not handled childbirth for decades.

It was a coincidence that he was on that plane. He actually flew to America a week ago. However, he put it off and was instead faced with this event. He said he was happy to be able to help with the delivery.

“I’m very happy that everything is OK,” Dr Kubilay told

According to Turkish Airlines authorities, a medical team was waiting for the mother and baby as soon as the plane landed in Chicago, Illinois.

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Not the only one

The story of the mother giving birth on the plane is not the only one. Earlier in September 2020 a baby got a free flight for life after his mother gave birth on an airliner.

EgyptAir flight number MS777 flying from Cairo to London had to make an emergency landing when Yemeni passenger Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban felt he was about to give birth. The pilots ended up diverting flights to Munich so Daaban got to the hospital on time.

However, beyond expectations, the mother gave birth to a baby girl before the plane managed to land. Again, the delivery was assisted by a doctor who happened to be on the plane.

The airline finally gave a gift to the baby in the form of free flights for life. The offer applies to the Munich flight to which the aircraft is diverted.

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What If a Pregnant Mother Gives Birth on a Plane?

story of mother giving birth on a plane

Giving birth on a plane is not something that a mother predicts or wants. However, if this has already happened, the cabin crew and medical personnel who happen to be passengers must still face it.

Flight attendants are trained to handle medical emergencies including childbirth. In fact, they must be ready to help with childbirth if it is urgent. However, if there is a doctor on board, that doctor can be called in to help.

According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors usually recommend women over 36 weeks pregnant not to fly. Some precautions can also be taken before flying such as walking, drinking lots of fluids, and avoiding foods and drinks that contain gas.

It should be noted that a number of airlines require several things for pregnant women, such as a certificate from a gynecologist regarding the estimated birth to a letter stating that there are no complications during pregnancy.

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Rules for pregnant women to board a plane

the story of a pregnant woman giving birth on a plane

Each airline has its own policies. For example, Garuda Indonesia allows pregnant women to take part in flights according to the conditions of their pregnancy. The following are the regulations for several categories of pregnant women listed on the Garuda Indonesia website.

  • Single or twin pregnancies under 32 weeks of age are not prohibited from flying by filling out a statement at check-in.
  • Pregnant women under 32 weeks with complications are allowed to fly provided that they fill out a Medical Information Form (MEDIF), a statement letter, and a letter of approval from Garuda Sentra Medika.
  • Pregnancy age 32-36 weeks, singles or twins, with or without complications, and normal are allowed to fly with the conditions of Form (MEDIF), a statement letter, and a letter of approval from Garuda Sentra Medika.
  • Pregnancy over 36 weeks is not permitted to travel.

Before flying, pregnant women should consult with a gynecologist. Ask everything you need to know, including the risks of pregnant women traveling by plane.

Don’t forget to eat nutritious food to keep your body healthy. Pay attention to your condition before traveling because it is actually the mother who knows best about her health.

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