There are many rumors that Ahmad Dhani went bankrupt, Maia Estianty suddenly wrote about karma

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Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela Photo: Instagram

Maia Estianty recently uploaded an article about prayer and karma on her Instagram page. There is no wind and rain, Maia posted a photo of herself smiling with a caption that brought up karma.

Maia’s upload comes amid the widespread issue of Ahmad Dhani’s bankruptcy and Mulan’s role in helping the family economy.

In contrast to Maia’s current condition, she is married to a luxury watch businessman, Irwan Mussry. It is known that even now Maia and her husband are on vacation in the United States and several times often post the atmosphere of their vacation.

On the other hand, Maia’s upload was considered by netizens as a direct satire to Ahmad Dhani.

“Life is if you want a good ending, a blessing, do a lot of good and be grateful,” wrote Maia on her Instagram page.

He then alludes to present actions that are closely related to past and future influences while talking about karma.

“If in old age there are many unpleasant things in life, try asking in his heart what he has done in his youth. If you are tested a lot in your youth, be patient, because God’s promises are always true, will give beautiful gifts to those who are patient,” said Maia.

In addition to talking about karma, this mother of three children discusses past sins while talking about the key to life with patience.

“Life is according to our actions in the past, if at the end of life humans are not comfortable, just think of it as our past sins are being cleansed,” continued Maia. “Even if we are still teenagers, we have sinned. Whether it’s to other people, to parents, to friends, family, even sins to yourself,” he said.

“PATIENCE is the key. Patience is like an invisible weapon of life. But the ending will be delicious and beautiful…even though the process takes a long time…Those who are able to defeat their EGO are the real winners of life,” he continued.

At the end of her writing, Maia hopes that God will always guide all of them to a good path.

“All deeds will return to those who did it. There is nothing that does not return. Either in this world or in the hereafter. So, which one do you choose, saving goodness? or save bad??? Bismillah, we are always guided to good deeds. Amen,” he concluded.

Although many netizens gossip about Maia’s innuendo, the person concerned has not provided any clarification regarding her post, whether it is true about her ex-husband.

Ahmad Dhani and Mulan Jameela Photo: Instagram

Mulan helps Dhani’s finances during the pandemic

Previously, Mulan admitted that she fully supports her husband in terms of morals but helps Ahmad Dhani in terms of finances.

Moreover, Dhani admitted that he often went bankrupt because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the PPKM recommended by the government.

“I have a masterpiece karaoke holding company, there are more than 30 branches closed,” said Dhani telling Deddy Cobuzier his condition.

Irwan Mussry and Maia Estianty.  Source: Instagram
Irwan Mussry and Maia Estianty. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Dhani said that his source of income had been dead. “Now the income is really dead since PPKM. So please our government is really dead.”

He also said that he was now on the verge of bankruptcy and had no income. “There is no income, all employees are laid off from the holding company itself, there is no income.”

“This is one form of Ahmad Dhani’s confession. Now our economic condition Masterpiece karaoke is dead. Hope the government understands. After a while we went bankrupt,” he said.

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