These are 3 Taiwanese players who will trouble the Garuda squad

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1NEWS, The Indonesian national team is scheduled to face Taiwan in the 2023 Asian Cup pre-qualification match on 7 and 11 October 2021 in Thailand. A total of 29 Indonesian national team players arrived in Thailand on Sunday (03/10/21) afternoon local time.

Ahead of the match, the Garuda squad really got a big advantage to win. The reason is, the Taiwan squad is in a slump because six of its players have been suspended and head coach Wang Jiazhong has been disabled.

The Taiwan Football Federation (CTFA) has conducted an investigation and found that the Taiwan national team players consisting of Chen Haowei, Bai Shaoyu, and Duan Zhu were caught going to the nightclub to drink alcohol during TC on August 21, 2021.

Later that same day, three other players named Li Xiangwei, Lin Mingwei, and You Jianghuang were caught buying wine and were immediately confiscated. One month later, on September 9, 2021, You Jianghuang, Chen Haowei, Bai Shaoyu, Duan Zhu, and Lin Mungwei were back at it again by going drunk late into the night.

As a result of this action, the six Taiwanese players above have the potential to receive sanctions from the federation and will be absent when facing the Indonesian national team. Even though the condition of the Taiwan squad is in trouble, the Indonesian national team players should not take their opponents lightly.

The reason is that the team made by Ye Xianzhong still has several star players who might make it difficult and even shock the Garuda squad. There are at least three names that should be wary of and will make it difficult for the Indonesian national team to win in the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying round.

Chen Ting-yang

The first name is Chen Ting-yang, this senior defender and captain of Taiwan is the most experienced defender who can make it difficult for the Indonesian national team to score goals.

As of October this year, Chen Ting-yang has made 53 appearances and scored 9 goals in all competitions for Taiwan. While at the club level, Chen managed to help Lee Man win the Hong Kong Sapling Cup in the 2018/19 season.

In addition, Chen also has a sweet record when facing teams from ASEAN. Noted, the 33-year-old defender was able to score goals against the Philippines and Timor Leste when appearing at the CTFA International Tournament in 2017 ago.

Wu Chun-ching

Next is Wu Chun-ching, an energetic midfielder who can be both an attack creator and an attack breaker for the Indonesian national team from the midfield. With a posture of 180 cm, the 32-year-old player is predicted to become Taiwan’s defense wall when the Indonesian national team tries to play a long pass.

In addition to being the player with the most caps, Wu Chun-ching’s name is also the top scorer in the current Taiwan national team squad. In total, Wu Chun-ching managed to record 9 goals from 53 matches in all competitions. Including his beautiful goals against teams from ASEAN such as Timor Leste, Malaysia to Vietnam.

Li Mao

Finally, Li Mao, the Taichung Futuro FC striker is a future player and is predicted to be the goal machine for the Taiwan national team.

Launching from TaipeiTimes.comIt was stated that Li Mao was a key player for Taiwan, especially after his brilliant performance by scoring two goals when they beat the Philippines 3-0 at the CTFA International Tournament in 2017.

In the same event, Li Mao managed to help Taiwan win the CTFA International Tournament and came out as the top scorer with four goals from three matches.


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