Tips to get 45.6 billion won without playing Teuku Wisnu’s Squid Game

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Teuku Vishnu's upload.  Photo: Instagram

The Korean drama series Squid Game has indeed succeeded in attracting a lot of netizens’ attention. Even the film became trending number one in 83 countries. Not wanting to be left behind, Indonesian actor Teuku Wisnu got excited by talking about the series on his social media.

The husband of Shireen Sungkar doesn’t discuss the synopsis, cast, or mysteries of the Squid Game series like most people do. Instead, Teuku Wisnu shared tips to be debt-free and earn 45.6 billion won without having to play the Squid Game.

The funny thing is, Vishnu uploaded his edited face as if he were the main character in the series, namely Seong Gi Hun. The edit of his face looks smooth with no gaps, fits perfectly with the body wearing a green jacket with the number 456.

The facial expression of the father of three children is also very supportive as if he is tense playing the game. Not only that, right in front of Vishnu stood the character Cho Sang Woo, a Squid Game participant and Seong Gi Hun’s childhood friend.

“Tips to be free from debt and get 45.6 billion won without having to play the Squid Game,” wrote Vishnu in the photo.

Teuku Vishnu’s upload. Photo: Instagram

The post consists of two photos. It seems that Vishnu will explain his tips in the second photo. However, when you press the left arrow to view the second photo, there is a yellow background and an inscription consisting of one white word. The word is “WORK!”.

“Hopefully it’s useful, my friends. No need to say thank you. Although I’m sure, you guys are grateful that you found these secret and effective tips?” asked Vishnu on Instagram on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

“Drinking coffee wearing armor. Don’t dream, let’s work,” he continued.

Netizens’ response

Suddenly, various responses immediately flooded the comments column. Even fellow artists also joined in.

“Thanks for the info… really useful,” said Prilly Latuconsina with a laughing emoji.

“Thank you, bro, I wasted my time, but it made me laugh,” said the netizen.

“Yook, our work spirit is not Rafathar,” said another netizen.

“I really like it when we talk about hakan calhanoglu,” added another.

“This bapack² joke is getting louder, come on,” said another with a laughing emoji.

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