Ulbah bin Zaid, the Generous Faqir whose prayers are considered alms by the Prophet, his story makes Haru

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ACCURATE.CO Once upon a time, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) called upon his companions to get ready to go to Tabuk. Where at that time, the Prophet SAW wanted to mobilize for alms Jariyah or a charity fund. But at that time, there was a friend named Ulbah bin Zaid who felt sad because he had nothing, both in terms of finances, and the strength to fulfill the call of the Prophet Muhammad.

Until one night, Ulbah bin Zaid out of his house to go to a quiet place. At that time, Ulbah bin Zaid performed the sunnah prayers as much as he could. After the prayer, while shedding tears, Ulbah bin Zaid prayed, “Yes Allah, verily You have ordered jihad and You have given encouragement to it, but You have not provided me with provisions and given me strength. Nor have You given a vehicle to Your Messenger that I can ride… O Allah, I actually give alms to all Muslims, all things they take from me without rights, both in property, body and also my honor..!!”.

The next day, Ulbah bin Zaid was gathering with the other companions of the Prophet, suddenly the Messenger of Allah said, “Where are people who gave charity last night? Stand up!!”.

But after a while, none of the companions stood up, neither did Ulbah bin Zaid. This is because Ulbah bin Zaid did not feel that he met the Messenger of Allah and gave alms.

Until then the Messenger of Allah repeated the question one more time. And as with the first question, still nothing stands. Finally, Ulbah bin Zaid ventured to the Messenger of Allah, and told him what he had done last night. The Messenger of Allah smiled and said, “Cheer up you! By Him who holds my soul in His hands, verily your alms have been written as zakat received!!”

Hearing the words of the Prophet Muhammad, of course, made Ulbah bin Zaid feel very happy. Even though he didn’t have anything, Ulbah bin Zaid was still able to donate a prayer, which turned out to be very meaningful to him. Subhan Allah. []


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