Upload a photo of the BUMN CPNS test process, the participants’ dumbfounded poses make a fuss | 1NEWS

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Photos that Make Salfok

The activities of the SKD CPNS of the Ministry of SOEs were also recorded in a row of photos uploaded to his Instagram account.

A number of photographers’ shots captured the moment of the SKD CPNS test participants of the Ministry of SOEs starting from the arrival process to taking the exam.

In his last upload, the manager of the Ministry of SOE’s Instagram account also showed a photo slide that made netizens immediately boisterous. The photo documentation is intentionally stored at the end of the upload.

The photo shows a female CPNS test taker who is seen taking part in the selection. Dressed in black and with a mask covering his nose and mouth, the figure of the test taker who has shoulder-length hair that makes a commotion uploading the Ministry of SOE’s Instagram account.

BUMN CPNS Selection© Instagram @KementerianBUMN

(Photo: Instagram @kementerianBUMN)

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