Wenny Ariani Wins in Court, Citra Kirana’s Reaction To Reject Hug From Rezky Aditya Becomes a Spotlight

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Actor Rezky Aditya’s polemic with Wenny Ariani regarding the origin of the child is still ongoing in court. Regarding this, Wenny Ariani straightened out if someone said he only wanted to appear in the media or social climbing (pansos) from Rezky Aditya. For him, he has a baby whose rights must be fought for to get love from a father figure.

“Look, from the start I appeared I said that my step forward was not just an easy action, I’m also not an easy person to appear in the media,” said Wenny Ariani when met in the Fatmawati area, South Jakarta, recently.

“But for the truth, finally my friends are also witnesses,” he added. According to him, the baby needs a father figure even though they don’t live together.

“Any child will definitely need a father figure, what kind of figure even though they live far apart, but it can be used as a track record that the presence of this child has a complete mother and father,” explained Wenny.

As previously reported, Wenny Ariani sued Citra Kirana’s husband, Rezky Aditya, to the Tangerang District Court regarding child recognition and maintenance. Recently, Wenny Ariani is known to have won the interlocutory verdict trial for Rezky Aditya at the Tangerang District Court.

Not only that, Wenny Ariani also reported Rezky Aditya to the South Jakarta Metro Police on August 18, 2021, on suspicion of child neglect. The report is based on the attitude of Rezky Aditya who is known to refuse to do a DNA test to prove the status of Wenny Ariani’s child.

Rezky Aditya was cornered over Wenny Ariani’s demands about proving children through DNA tests. As is known, Wenny’s claim regarding child recognition continues to the court. The interlocutory decision in court, Rezky Aditya’s exception as a defendant was rejected.

This is the beginning of victory for Wenny Ariani. Along with Wenny’s demands, namely the recognition of children from Rezky Aditya, Citra Kirana’s behavior towards her husband, Rezky Aditya, has recently become a public spotlight.

Wenny Ariani and his two attorneys at the South Jakarta Police (YouTube Intense Investigation) Not without reason, this is related to the legal case that dragged Rezky Aditya’s name recently.

It is no longer a secret, a woman named Wenny Ariani suddenly appeared to the public and admitted that she had a child from Rezky Aditya. Suddenly, Citra Kirana’s husband was in the spotlight until now the issue is rolling on the court.

Wenny Ariani asked Citra Kirana’s husband to acknowledge his son who was born 8 years ago. It was said that what happened and dragged Rezky Aditya was allegedly affecting his household with Citra Kirana. Not long ago, Citra Kirana was recorded suddenly refusing to be touched by her husband.

This happened when Citra Kirana went live with her husband while eating. It turned out that on that occasion Citra Kirana was curious about the news regarding her. He immediately searched in a Youtube search by typing his name.

“I want to know what news is updated,” said Ciki.

Citra Kirana’s face changed when she saw the news that appeared in her search results. In the middle of the broadcast, Rezky and Ciki seemed to forget for a moment that they were doing Live. Citra Kirana also asked her husband to serve their IG live audience. That’s when Ciki was recorded immediately refusing to be hugged by her husband and instead handed the cellphone to Rezky.

“By the way, (fans) are saying you’re quiet,” said Ciki handing the cellphone to Rezky Adhitya.

“Yes, it’s useless given a cellphone and just keep quiet, what’s up, don’t talk about things like messing around anymore.

The comments are not clear, we have agreed to go cheers (names of Ciki and Rezky fans). Then it’s fun. This is nostalgic when we were bored.

So if it’s live, you can’t be fooled if you’re feeling down. The main thing is that it’s getting worse, I’m sorry, “said Citra Kirana.

“Who’s cheating, it’s really funny to say,” said Rezky Aditya.

“We don’t have anything, it’s normal. Sorry if I said something wrong, I’ll just leave it (haters talk),” said Ciki.

“Thank you,” said Rezky Aditya.

The case that was revolving at the court regarding Wenny Ariani’s demands on Rezky Aditya turned out to be almost finished.

“Earlier we heard the interlocutory decision, thank God, the exception from the defendant was rejected,” said Ferry.

In this decision now, Wenny Ariani’s goal to prove it with a DNA test will be realized.

“We continue to prove, so this is the beginning of our DNA testing, yes, we have found a bright spot,” he continued.

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