Yoris often visits Tuti-Amel before the murder, what do you want? – 1NEWS

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Yoris' wife, Yanti Jubaedah.  Photo: Youtube.

Yoris Raja Amanullah’s wife, Yanti Jubaedah, confirmed that her husband often visited the house of his mother, Tuti Suhartini and her sister, Amalia Mustika Ratu before the murder case occurred. In fact, according to him, these visits are carried out regularly and frequently.

However, Yanti said, Yoris often visited Tuti and Amel’s residence because her husband loved them very much. That’s why, Yoris often visits the two to bring a happy atmosphere.

“Yoris is very close (to Tuti-Amel), if other people say that Yoris doesn’t love his mother, his sister, but actually he really loves him,” said Yanti, quoted Hops, Tuesday 5 October 2021.

“He (Yoris) once said something like this, when it comes to Sundanese, the wayah is left with Aa, because now we have to make our parents happy,” he continued.

Yoris’ wife, Yanti Jubaedah. Photo: Youtube.

Yanti said that Yoris often talks about the importance of making parents happy. That’s why, her husband often reminded her, if she wanted to meet her father and mother, go ahead. Because, it is a form of concern for children towards their parents.

“Yanti wants to make each other’s parents happy, please, Aa mah, make Aa’s parents happy like this,” he said, imitating Yoris’ voice.

Although Yoris is often left behind, Yanti admits that there is no problem. Remembering, every time he wanted to visit Tuti and Amel, he always asked permission from him.

“Even I am often left behind, yes, that’s because my mom and Amel like permission,” he explained.

Yanti Jubaedah hopes the police find the killer of Tuti Amel

Furthermore, Yanti said she was surprised, why until now the perpetrators of the murders have not been found? In fact, this condition made the family restless and began to feel fear.

“Why hasn’t the culprit been caught yet? I’m also very scared, because what’s going on… Yoris is the only one (family) left. So mama, Amel has already been killed, Yoris is the only one left,” he said.

Tuti Amel's house in Subang.  Ist's photo.
Tuti Amel’s house in Subang. Ist’s photo.

Not only Yoris, Yanti also personally admitted that she was uncomfortable with the lengthy examination process. She was worried that when she fell asleep, she and her husband would suffer the same treatment, which was to be killed.

“So I felt uncomfortable and felt threatened. I’m also afraid to sleep, what are you afraid of? Afraid of being killed like that. I don’t know what the motive is,” said Yanti.

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