127 English Girls Names, Most Popular Recommendations

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is Parents already have a choice of name for your little one later? If not, you may be able to choose one of the following 100 recommended British girl names. Parents can use it for a baby’s first, last, or middle name.

Take it easy, even though it comes from England but this name recommendation is quite famous and is widely used by girls around the world. Indonesia is no exception.

127 Recommended English girl names and their meanings

English Girls Names A – D

1. Alice: Classic, sweet, strong, full of confidence.

2. Agatha: Good, honorable, full of blessings.

3. Ainsley: Fresh girl, energy.

4. Amanda: Cheerful, fun, full of love.

5. Amber: Yellow gemstone, precious.

6. Amelia: Diligent person, hard working girl, and fertile.

7. Abigail: A joy

8. Agnes: Chastity

9. Alessia: A gift from God

10. Alika: A blessing

11. Blossoms: Blooming

12. Annabel: Vibrant, cheerful, showing the unique British nobility, popular.

13. Arabella: Beautiful, elegant and beautiful.

14. Beatrix: Funny, impressive, unique.

15. Bella: Beautiful, awesome, fun.

16. Belinda: Beautiful, bright, unique.

17. Brianna: Strong, tireless, tough.

18. Caitlin: Pure, unsullied, holy, clean.

19. Callista: Beautiful, beautiful, charming.

20. Caroline: Strong, tough, awesome.

21. Charlotte: Humans are free, tiny, pure, clean.

22. Chloe: Flowers that bloom fresh.

23. Christina: ‘followers of Christ’. Other variations of this name are Christine, Christiana, Kristina, and Kirsten.

24. Daisy: Holy, beautiful, clean daisy.

25. Deborah: Cheerful bees, awesome.

26. Dorothy: A gift from God, a blessing.

Alphabet E – J

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27. Elena: Glowing, successful in the future.

28. Esme: Charming, beautiful, classic, unique has its own characteristics.

29. Eilaria: Cheerful, happy, girl who loves nature very much.

30. Ella: Light, beautiful fairy, charming.

31. Elizabeth: ‘God is my oath’.

32. Eloise: Healthy, long life, strong.

33. Emily: Hard worker, brave, diligent, success.

34. Felicity: Happiness, luck.

35. Fiona: White, holy, clean, fair.

36. Freya: Miss who is respected and liked by many people.

37. Gabriella: ‘God is my power’.

38. Grace: Grace, kindness, mercy, beauty.

39. Godehyda: A person who is endowed with talent in creativity, can do whatever he wants.

40. Goldcorn: Kind, peaceful, ready to help and guide others.

41. Greisy: Very charming, energetic and kind to others. They have the power to make plans and achieve success in the future.

42. Gudytha: They love adventure, excitement and freedom. They are warm-hearted and adaptable.

43. Hassanah: The most pious, beautiful girl.

44. Haura: Cool, understanding, warm.

45. Hawysia: A beautiful girl like a flower.

46. ​​Ida: Diligent, fun, successful in the future.

47. Iris: Iris flower, the name of the Rainbow Goddess.

48. Isabella: ‘Devotion to God’.

49. Jasmine: Charming, sweet, lovely white flowers.

50. Jasmine: Jasmine, beautiful princess

51. Jillian: Gentle

52. Jovanika: Gift of God

53. Jovanka: Gift from God

54. Joy: Excitement

55. Jennifer: Bright skinned girl, beautiful.

56. Jessica: A girl who has foresight.

57. Jolie: Lovers of adventure and joy in their life. They are smart and capable of doing almost anything in their life. They are usually artists by profession.

58. Joy: Happiness, joy, love.

59. Juliet: They love their life and have immortal spirits. They have a touching personality and easily inspire others.

English Baby Girl Names K – N

127 Recommended English Girl Names and Their Meanings for Daughter Parents

60. Kaylee: A girl filled with purity.

61. Kyle: Beautiful, beautiful, charming.

62. Kimberly: Leaders, fair, set an example for many people.

63. Crystal: Smart, beautiful, shining.

64. Keiza: Friendly child

65. Keyna: A gem

66. Krystal: Gemstone, happiness

67. Lights: Light

68. Lilyana: Lilies, beauty

69. Leights: Tranquility

70. Lansonia: Independence, freedom, unique.

71. Laurels: The laurel tree or sweet greeting is symbolic of honor.

72. Leyna: Little angel, blessed figure.

73. Liana: Beautiful meadows, soothing to the heart.

74. Lily: Clean and holy lilies. Some variants of this name include Liliana, Lillian, Lilly.

75. Lucy: Light, born at dawn, cheerful.

76. Lydia: ‘Beauty’ or ‘Your Majesty’.

77. Mackenzie: Daughter of a wise leader, admired by many.

78. Maylafaisha: The king’s daughter is happy and brings good luck.

79. Maisie: Luminous, pearl, pure, beautiful.

80. Malvia: Beautiful place, shining.

81. Melody: Songs, rhythms, which soothe the heart.

82. Megan: A shining pearl, beautiful, admiration.

83. Milly: Dear, fun, cheerful, loved.

84. Naomi: Sweet, fun, liked by many people.

85. Natalie: Sunrise, warm, beautiful, love.

86. Naira: Big eyes, beautiful, beautiful.

87. Nia: Beauty, light, awesome.

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English Baby Names Alphabets O – S

127 Recommended English Girl Names and Their Meanings for Daughter Parents

88. Odelia: Rich, beautiful, charming girl.

89. Olivia: Beautiful, beautiful, charming.

90. Olaf: ancestral deposit, holy.

91. Oriel: Angel, pleases.

92. Oswald: Perfect, always loved by many.

93. Pamela: Sweet, elegant, not boring.

94. Poppy: Large, beautiful, bright poppies.

95. Queenie: Queen, wise, respected.

96. Quinza: Luck, able to lead, wise.

97. Quella: A serenity

98. Quin: A queen

99. Qiara: Happiness

100. Qintia: Luck

101. Raisa: Beautiful roses, charming, classic.

Rania: Happiness

102. Reese: Has a strong will, fiery, tough.

103. Renata: Reborn.

104. Sarah: White, beautiful, respected.

105. Samantha: Good listener, fun.

106. Shabila: Sweet, cute little weasel.

107. Sherina: Dear girl, loved by many.

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Alphabet T – Z

english girl names

108. Tabitha: Beautiful, charming, attractive.

109. Taylor: Salvation, majesty, simplicity.

110. Valerie: Health, strong, beautiful.

111.Vivian: Live, passionate, have a strong purpose.

112. Winter: Winter

113. Wyne: A friendly person

114. Willen: Luck

115. Winifred: Blessed peace, holy.

116. Wynet: Beautiful people in fairy tales.

117. Wylie: Love, charm, attracts the heart.

118. Withney: Holy, clean

119. Wilona: Beauty

120. Yocelyn: Friendliness

121. Yasmin: Lily flower

123. Yoluta: Summer flowers, beautiful, cheerful.

124. Yovanka: God-given, holy, clean.

125. Zabrina: The great queen, honored, blessed.

126. Zelene: Sunshine, joy, joy.

127. Zwetta: Beautiful roses, full of charm.

That’s the recommended name choice from the UK for girls. Parents which name do you like?

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