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While enjoying the delicacy, consider the following interesting facts!

Have you ever heard of prol tape or just found out its name? For the people of East Java, especially the residents of Jember, it seems familiar with this one snack. The taste is unique and doesn’t make you feel bad, making prol tape always delicious to be devoured by mouthful after mouthful.

The delicacy is also perfect for eating on various occasions. Whether you want to be used as a companion at work, or as a snack to accompany your leisure time, prol tape is still delicious to serve.

In addition, the taste is not too sweet, making this food also delicious served with a variety of drinks. To understand more about prol tape, let’s look at some of the following interesting facts.

Made from Cassava Tape

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The first interesting thing to know about this prol tape is the basic material. As the name implies, prol tape is made from cassava tape. However, like cake dough in general, other ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs and butter are also added. This is what makes prol tape, unlike most cakes.

Has a distinctive sour taste

Cassava tape itself is made through a fermentation process, resulting in a sour taste sensation when eaten. Interestingly, the distinctive taste of the cassava tape does not just disappear when it is mixed in the prol tape mixture. As a result, prol tape also comes with a unique taste, which is sweet, savory, and sour at the same time.

Don’t Make It Careless

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Even though it looks easy, in fact making prol tape requires its own skills and experience. The tape itself, for example, should not be arbitrary. You can’t choose a tape that is too ripe or raw, so you have to have the right tape. In addition, the quality of the tape must also be of the best, because if you choose the tape carelessly, it will be difficult to make this prol tape.

Be a Jember Typical Snack

One of the reasons why prol tape is so popular in Jember, is because it was in this small town that the cake was first born. Apart from its culinary delights, Jember is also known for its festivals, such as the Jember Fashion Carnaval which is regularly known every year. Because of its popularity, anyone who travels to Jember almost always hunts for prol tape as souvenirs.

Comes with a variety of flavors

Sweet and Delicious / Malang Brownies© Sweet and Delicious/Brownies Malang

Like other food creations, this prol tape is also modified in various flavors. The goal, to be able to adjust the tastes of the audience. In addition to the original variant, prol tape also comes with cheese, raisin and chocolate flavors. Uniquely, the presence of these different flavors actually makes the taste of prol tape even more delicious to eat.

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